Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus PC Game Review

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America, 1961. The assassination of Nazi General Deathshead was a short-lived victory. The Nazis maintain their stranglehold on the world. You are BJ Blazkowicz, aka “Terror-Billy,” member of the Resistance, scourge of the Nazi empire, and humanity’s last hope for liberty.

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комментариев 18

  1. Professor Monkeyface Ph.D.:

    Stroooong buh-LACK woman don’t need no man!

  2. [ NecroRoXas ]:

    Hey Bethesda.
    Your fucking Dishonored „Stealth“ games end up in the bargain bin one month after release. You‘re not Kojima. Your stealth games are trash. Please stop forcing this garbage into all of your games.

  3. Dan Bharry:

    Back after beating it (91% overall completion), i love it, but tone down the ‘stealth’ next time. The AI is also pretty weird i swear they have eyes in the back of their heads and this makes it pretty unejoyable when trying to go stealth. Replaying the districts to kill Ubercommanders and get some collectibles i just ran threw killing everyone in my path because playing in stealth is a drag. i wasn’t to big on it in the last two titles and this one only proved that if they want to have a 50/50 stealth to rip and tear ratio (which it shouldn’t, 70% rip and tear 30% stealth) then it should have much more depth. i wasn’t particularly off put by anything in the campaign though it felt like trying to capture the Tarantino tone of New Order and most times it hits and others it misses hard (like the clip shown). The big issues with the story is it ends where it feels like is the middle of the game. its a decently lengthy campaign but the ending didn’t feel like a proper ending, it felt like they didn’t want to push back the games release like they did with New Order. I dont think we’ll get a stand alone sequel as we have The Freedom Chronicles ‘the games DLC’ to look forward to and because i lack IQ i bought the digital deluxe edition to save 5 bucks on the season pass, so hopefully those offer more shoot outs.

  4. Christopher Prementine:

    Okay, now I get it! I thought game we as great until that B.S. moment… I don’t even want to complete it now… How piss poor writing was that moment ?!

  5. Ben:

    Gggmanlives you made a mistake in this review. Enemies are actually limited, and knowing that can change your entire playstyle.

    You can sit in one place , wait for all enemies to come to you, kill all enemies easelly and win the level. Like in some kind off «defend the flag» if it’s too hard. I have played 5-10 hours of this game, already at second end of the game and I have never sneaked, so your entire criticism of this part kind of falls flat.

    I liked the review and everything and I get that it’s subjective. Keep the reviews coming.

  6. Erik Högman:

    What’s up with the downvotes? Personally i feel like this game gave you too little health and made you feel like a glass cannon. On the difficulty above normal you died in like 3 hits.WTF.

  7. Geargrind 0:

    Was the stealth impossible for anyone else? I’m pretty good at stealth in all video games but this was impossible for Everytime

  8. GamerNinjaX:

    Im not sure if I can agree with you on the stealth sections, I think they are fine here, and an improvement over The New Order. Enemies are more intellegent here unlike the new order where you can just kill someone right next to them and they wont bat an eye. Plus I am terrible at the stealth anyway so it all turned into a bombastic gun fight anyway. I personally find the game itself really solid, and I like how much variety they pack into the campaign. What really is disapointing me so far is the story for pretty much every reason you’ve said. There are some really great moments in this game, but then they are undercut with a joke or a wacky moment. It feels like an MCU movie where its afraid to be too serious so everything gets muddled by jokes and quips. The New Order never had this problem, its focus was so razer sharp. The story in the new order was amazing and, most importantly, subtle. I also found there were a lot more effective story beats in-game and cutscenes are generally better paced and better written. It sucks because to me The New Order has a much better story with weaker gameplay but the new colossus is a much better game with a weaker story.

  9. Maxie Karn:

    Gonna have to disagree with ya for once GGman, this game is fantastic. Yeah the story makes me want to die, but that amazing gunplay carries the game so highly for me

  10. MyName AChef:

    So is ggg ourguy?

  11. RaZeRbLaDeZ:

    Looks like a shitty liberal injected game

  12. John Rogers:

    2:10 yep sounds like a very jewish game, potty humour and extreme violence. Is anyone really surprised?

  13. Siege Me:

    Can You do a review on Cuphead? Love the vids and hello from Sydney

  14. lipsy:

    Boycott anti White video games…

  15. Marius Urucu:

    The thumbnail for this video says it all…

    • _̸̲̅-̸̲̅*̸̲̅S̷A̷M̷U̷R̷A̷I̷ 2̷2̷*̸̲̅-̸̲̅_̸̲̅:

      Ruin games??? Wot???? The hell does that even mean?!?!

      Did you miss the sarcasm? I’m beginning to think you’re a bot now. Bots always miss sarcasm.

    • HumanAbyss:

      TNO was better than TOB, and I feel like TNC is equal to TNO overall.

    • Konstantin Vadhajtás:

      «Look at my GOG library I’m a real gamer, now let’s talk about white genocide!» Stop whining dude, your attempts at being funny failed. This is not Stormfront.

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