What it feels like to get Need For Speed Payback

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What it feels like to get Need For Speed Payback 🙂
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комментария 62

  1. Spoggi99:

    I died when I saw the second loading screen picture ???


    Lmao omg I’m dying

  3. Abdelrahman Ali:

    my other ride is your mom lamo

  4. Theodor Bruckner:

    Brauche… mehr… Reis…?
    Gerne mehr solche Videos, Abo hast du!

  5. Tire Slayer:

    Hats off for that loading screen man….Love it?

  6. Sarvesh Soobroydoo:

    Nfs underground 2 will never get old.This a fuc#ing jdm and ricers game ?.

    • 2bad 4you:

      still better than Payback

    • Burako Shimazaki:

      Marco Brancorsini Yes, but not exactly. JDM is an acronym simply meaning Japanese Domestic Market and refers to any vehicle or parts manufactured in Japan for local domestic use in Japan. Same as USDM would be a US left handle Ford for example manufactured and sold within the USA intended for US drivers.

      A car can be JDM and brought into the US or other country as an import.

      However a Toyota Supra although designed and manufactured by a Japanese company may not necessarily be JDM if it was produced for the US market for example toned down performance, design regulations and of course left side handles meant for US drivers.

    • Cold TV:

      Underground 1 best

    • CarolinaYJ91:

      Sarvesh Soobroydoo NFSUG2 is my all time favorite, but you have to remember it was all rice builds.

    • sermerlin1:

      well to be frank… NFSU2 is more rice then payback… xD

  7. Mr. Repetitititive:

    You sir, just got a sub

  8. OxyGan:


  9. Nosstick:

    That loading screen xD I loved it haha. Good job

  10. Nexus:

    My ears, vtak overboost

  11. #AJ 15:

    Loading screen??

  12. Kapke Mois:

    Error 420! XDDDD

  13. Toxic Gaming:

    what it feels like to game with slow internet

  14. Rafael Crema:

    NFSU2 > Payback

    in my opinion

  15. OxyGan:

    !!ATTENTION PLEASE!! this video is just a joke xD im not a ricer! 😀

  16. Ozzo Ruuska:

    seriously that loading screen idea was cool af :DD

  17. Pedro Alves:

    …i need more!

  18. ExtremeChan:

    Nices Video xD. Like ^^

  19. El melon que nadie quiere:

    I think the best part was that multipla (0:23)

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