WE’RE NOT PREPARED! — 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Multiplayer Gameplay #6 [Season 2]

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Welcome to my 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 series! Alpha 16 has added a ton of new things and we set out to try out all of them in this walkthrough! Leave a like if you're enjoying the 7 days to die alpha 16 content! Enjoy.


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комментариев 37

  1. Ranga!:

    Tell demo if he wants a lot of money he can put sand in the forge and craft glass jars and it gives you mad money ? and then later game you can see machete blades.

  2. Josh McHenry:

    royal: thanks for the blueberries boomer. boomer: no problem buddy. royal: anytime

  3. Max Stovall:

    12:13 lol i don’t have school tomorrow due to hurricane harvey…

  4. Dante Valentine:

    the zombie fist sniping thingy is a bug only on multiplayer.
    also, you can go to a campsite, take apart a tent, and get tons of cloth.

  5. SavagePvP:

    Hitler is a hero because he killed Hitler.

  6. Jeff Aldam:

    If your going to make us miss a day please make it 30 mins hahaha. Love the series all the way from New Zealand

  7. Z/T Gaming:

    Waited all day for this ???

  8. Shay Nation:

    Love the vids, been around since early rust days. Keep it up!

  9. Daniel Zarate:

    I like how he scrapped the hunting rifle schematic

  10. Love Metal:

    Wanna here a joke?


  11. Daily Derek:

    I was your first sub, if you don’t believe me you’re a bigot and a racist.

  12. Matt F:

    don’t scrap the challenges!!!! they give you skill points

  13. Grant Cordell:

    Can u make open server for fans to play on

  14. Elias Grubb:

    My last year of school starts tomorrow 🙁

  15. Chey Dizzle:

    I really love this series.

  16. Emmersedlyric Gaming:

    I live in Texas.

  17. Mr Pineapple:

    6:30 I think your thinking of day z

  18. Spartan ,:

    Boomer Hill rode is where I passed while I was watching this video

  19. Nigel ThornBerry:

    10:45 you put it in the box when you took the ham

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