WE ALL HAVE BIKES! — 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Multiplayer Gameplay #57

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Welcome to my 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 series! Alpha 16 has added a ton of new things and we set out to try out all of them in this walkthrough! Leave a like if you're enjoying the 7 days to die alpha 16 content! Enjoy.


PARKOUR TOWER LOOTING — 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Multiplayer Gameplay #41

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  1. PartiallyRoyal:


  2. Alex Church:

    Hey Royal ik it would be somewhat of a pain but if you rename the video without «die» in the title your videos will start to make money again

  3. Tom 302010:

    It would be fun to sue YouTube!

  4. DragonSlayer X28:

    It’s sad that YouTube is taking peoples jobs with their algorithm that makes no sense. Youtubers are unable to keep there channels afloat because YouTube keeps demonitizeing them it really sucks. Jarred probably wouldn’t usually ask for patreon but it’s the only way he can keep doing videos.

  5. aaron finlayson:

    It’s showing ads anyway.

  6. jadon bitner:


    • Kabir Issar:

      you are actually fucking dumb

    • Just Shards:

      Melissa Gallman chill

    • Melissa Gallman:

      Your level of intelligence tells us that you’re broke and have no respect for someone trying to live their dream. Please don’t bore us with your all caps. A dollar a month is completely worth the 20 minutes of entertainment at the end of my day.

    • Darrak Plays:

      Because I would assume you choose to watch royal because of the quality of his videos. His not forcing you to you can still watch for free. Not to mention his working hard and deserves money to live on! Show a little consideration.

  7. Amazongaming1:

    just break the tires on the ground you can get tires out of them and high level 1’s

    • kristina farber:

      Amazongaming1 before you comment watch the full video if you did Ryan and royal would have told boomerr to start breaking tires later on

  8. JamesCunt69ASMR:

    don’t put die in the title the youtube algorithm automaticly demonitises videos its stupid but try and and rly simplify the title so it cant be shut down

  9. Alec Dennis:

    Can’t donate in 12 and I have no money

  10. Tyler Smith:

    Whats the patreon for im not understanding. Youtube is going to take you down cus there are no ads or something? I mean im totally down and will do 1 a month no issues cus i watch every night. But I was just confused.

  11. Daniel Darling:

    it’s still ad friendly (just wants more cash can’t blame him though who wouldn’t want more money)

    • nielsf:

      How do you know what videos of his are ad friendly?
      Do you have access to his personal analytics?
      Do you handle his money?

      Well then you know nothing, every youtuber is coming out saying the algorithm YouTube uses is killing their channel. Some report 80% to 90% decrease in earnings. Saying he just wants more money is wrong since youtube IS cutting video monetizing… EVERYONE is complaining about it.

  12. jacob carpenter:

    why dose everything have to be kid friendly these days
    whats the point of uploading videos if they get demonitized and not make money youtube needs to back off

  13. An Pham:

    What would happen if you were far away from yr base and use bikes to get away on day 7? Would they follow still ?

    • nielsf:

      Zombies on the bloodmoon are hunting you, not your base. So where ever you are, there are the zombies.
      Normal wandering hordes are spawned in and migrate to the point were you were during them spawning in. and the screamers and scout zombies come to where the heat map is strongest

  14. Gerlof Bakker:

    Tip for the base. If you look at the corners of your outside wall, some of the tiles are upgraded concrete tiles. Instead of putting down flag stone and upgrading to concrete, you can build rebar frames in the furnace for really cheap and right click to upgrade, you will get the better upgrade for concrete right away. You have to let it dry for a little but this just means you dont have to go through 2 extra upgrades to get the better tile. It saves on resources and is a very stong tile. Bonus is you can place and remove the frames without having instead to break a tile like you would with flagstone. And if you dont feel like reading all this just. USE REBAR FOR STRONGER CONCRETE TILES.

  15. TheDarchrow:

    Some youtubers still get money by making 7 days to die videos and streams why u dont?

    • Lucius De'Gracci:

      The new YouTube algorithms don’t treat everyone fairly, person of the internet. Royal is getting hit kinda hard… if his channel were too much smaller, he’d simply be doomed. *shrug*

  16. joel gray:

    i saw 5 adds ssooooo um also i dont have patrion

  17. Cameron Galles:

    If he stops doing certain series because he isn’t paid to do what thousands of other people do everyday then I will definitely unsub. he does little to no editing on this series and only has to play for 20 minutes a day. if he can’t do that without getting paid I won’t support him any longer

  18. The Native Hunter:

    Or u can get a real job

  19. Wytse Dijkstra:

    Great series so far and i learnt a lot of all the videos <3

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