WARNING! — Innocent Players Getting Banned For Picking Up Modded Money In GTA Online! (GTA 5)





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       Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!



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BE CAREFUL! — Innocent Players Getting Banned For Picking Up Modded Money In GTA Online! (GTA 5) — GTA 5 & GTA 5 Online Gameplay!
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комментария 84

  1. IWantXanniesBeforeBannies:

    Lmao my first day of playing GTA V online (christmas eve) and some dude spawned 6 mil on me and I’m still not banned. LOL

  2. Ryan Wilkinson:

    Some dude last year dropped about 2.5B but i never got banned xD

  3. Skippy Kane:

    It won’t happen on current generation (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) because you cannot mod those consoles. I mod Xbox 360 and for the 800+ people I dropped cash for, none of them have received a suspension or ban. I’ve also had people in recordings that I drop cash for (go look at my modded lobby videos) and none of them have been suspended. I’m surprised if anyone has received a suspension or ban on PlayStation 3. PC makes sense though, they highly monitor it.

  4. DC Shadowz:

    Can anyone give me modded money and RP on PS4?

  5. freshz.:

    Omg Noooooo!!!! i alreay got money dropped by some idiot… :'(( i hope i don’t get banned!

  6. Jamie Brabson:

    I’m next generation and I was paused and this invisible guy just raining money on me and I just started running for my X box live sake but it still rained money 😫😬😬😀😬

  7. Jon717:

    I got banned for a month because of this. I was idle for like 5 minutes and then when I came back I bought jackets, only to find out about the money. I tried to contact Rockstar Support in every way possible, but they’re useless.

  8. Ben Page:

    im watching this because ive just been in a session with loads of modders

  9. gerry neil:

    bought total of 11 mill shark cards with real money got a 10 day ban ….

  10. Ed Sr_Ed:

    u can not get ban for pick up money

  11. adrian cano:

    this is so weird, I still have millions from picking up money like last year (I don’t play much anymore). Hopefully I won’t get banned

  12. DoPPleR:

    A modder dropped me 2mil about 1 year ago and still im not banned, cuz i was in wc and when i came back i was like excuse me wat da faak? :-:

  13. Rigger:

    Happened to me.
    I picked up like 7k spawned money about 7 months ago and only just got banned this week.. sucks

  14. Ali 8075:

    its old video from 2015 after patch 1.40 in 2017 Rockstar removed innocent ban i got 4 bilion $ from 2 moder and still no ban dont worry guys go take more bag without ban trust me 😉 😀

  15. Dean Daniel:

    in south korea you get 5 years in prison for cheating in an online video game… imagine all you little cheaters in jail LOL

  16. Le Ka:

    its just an rumor you cant get banned… i just got 40 million dollar 1 week ago… i didnt get banned i have all cars and everything

  17. Mlg Sty:

    I was victim for this, got permanently banned because someone in my lobby was giving money to everybody… and day after that = banned and character was reset…
    Im not gonna spend money to rockstar products for a long time…

  18. XxXxXxXx:

    «Hundreds of thousands of millions of money,» -Ross

  19. MrBossFTW:

    I <3 <3 YOU ALL!

  20. MrBossFTW:


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