Warface — Trailer — Game Launch

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Warface is Live! Join the top quality online FPS from Crytek at to play for free!

Warface delivers fast-paced explosive action, team-driven Co-op and Versus gameplay, and immersive visuals.

Warface offers new content on a regular basis in the form of daily cooperative campaign missions with new challenges and a continual supply of new maps, weaponry, boosts, and more to keep gameplay fresh and exciting. To provide players everywhere with the best possible gameplay experience, Warface is localized into English, French, German and Turkish.

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комментариев 39

  1. Dre:

    In this video logic: Warface is the same as Chess.

  2. Gabe M:

    0:17 — 0:26 racist?

  3. static 679:

    I wouldn’t let his king be that close to my pawn… oh, wait, you guys were talking about a game… #akwaaaard

  4. Darkslayer 125:

    I wana play that map in the game xD Looks Cool . ( BTW Include Outside)

  5. Donny Gu:

    This trailer looks so sick. I like how it uses chess as a reference to war. 10/10

  6. Vinny:

    0:48 lol This is why most soldiers are brainless killing machines. They don’t even think for themselves… fun game though just wish people would wake up and realize who the real bad guys in this world are.

  7. BuffaloKidGaming:

    1:32 that man using a K2
    1:37 he using a ACR => WAT?

  8. McSkvoz:

    ставь лук, если ты хз как нашел этот видос и ты русский

  9. ArmorMayhem11:

    i had no idea who was good and who was bad

  10. Adan Valdez:

    I’m downloading it in my xbox right noe

  11. Rezerno:

    Something that would be cool is if the whole game was just a game of chess

  12. Евгений Кожевников:

    send please russian language versoin of video. i can’t find it

  13. Mr. Crappy:

    the black is blackwood the white is warface

  14. TeeTee Mzizi:

    Wait is this game about race wars? That’d be super weird and super awesome at the same time.

  15. Kazzargo:

    shitty trailer =P

  16. the raider:

    2:17 oberon white lol 😀

  17. Wack tacos:

    This game is SICK !!! 

  18. Centurion Guy:

    Bigger maps plz but awsome game

  19. TheCoolsurdy:

    Sadly this is what war is about…politicians and presidents fighting instead of the people…

  20. TSKing Team Best Moment and Tactics:


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