Warface — Team Deathmatch Gameplay

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— eljey is playing Team Deathmatch on a random server
— Map: Dock
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комментариев 58

  1. vittorio midjo:

    Wait i think i played this match cause i remembered what booman said he said i wasn’t playing and i died 3 times . can you guys find me my name is PCgamer123 i think i was on black wood team in not sure reply to me if you can find me

  2. foxtrot les:

    The awkward moment you realize that warface is free and cod ghosts cost 60$

  3. Jason Tavarez:

    If this was called Call of Duty it would have millions of sales.

  4. Dxybala:

    This game is free right?

  5. mike holkis:

    is it pay to win?

  6. Zairo:

    nice game good graphics and low specs 😀

  7. Ibericotiger Exposals:

    Who else was downloading this game while watching this?

  8. Mario Stalin:

    For f2p game it is amazing

  9. RED Solider:

    Better than CS:S

  10. Δημήτρης Φυτιλάκιας:

    you are noob

  11. Miki Pain:

    When i saw the game 1st time i was confused, such a good looking for free. i knew there is some catch and it turn out is

  12. Vi Tu:

    I don’t care what people say, this is the best free to play FPS ever!

  13. PHUNTER22:

    This guy is terrible. Really need some more practice

  14. MQN:

    This game is PAY TO WIN KAPPA :v

  15. MrA16:

    Looks like Crysis

  16. Adrian Pryce:

    Can u quick scope

  17. Andrew:

    Dat hedshot do…

  18. thisreallysuckslol:

    Lol boring to watch this guy camps too much.

  19. Brian Tran:

    this game is free and amazing

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