Warface — Review (PC)

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We take a look at Crytek's lightning-paced, free-to-play shooter in this review of Warface.

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комментариев 77

  1. Andrei Vulpe:

    Not fair…for a free to play i would give at least 9.

  2. Andrew Ryan:

    This game has improved a lot since the making of this review. I highly suggest you try it out the p2w aspect is absolutely over and it’s a really fun and engaging game now

  3. Anders Kristensen:

    Just saw this went F2P on steam. Looks like «poor mans CoD». Next.

  4. Mr. Nerve Damage:

    Pretty much all of the gripes in the video accurately describe the issues with Titanfail… biggest difference of all? This one is FREE, lol… it’s got more content, the graphics are good, there’s more of a feeling of «teamwork» needed for this game… Idk… for me, this game just goes to show that TF is extremely lacking and disappointing.

    • Mr. Nerve Damage:

      GoodShittingMorning… your response was so bad it was worth letting you know 2 years later…

    • Mr. Nerve Damage:

      +Jimmithy Winterbear
      You must be wearing those new dlc glasses which offer the «blinded bias perk», lol… go look up the youtube video called «Titanfall — splendid hit detection» and you will realize how ignorant you sound.

      Everything you are saying is your «opinion»… I would agree that last titan standing is a much more team based mode, but most people play attrition… and hardly anyone is concerned about helping out their team… I’m a gen 7… so yes, I’ve put in plenty enough time to know what the common gripes are with this game. Is it the worst game ever made? No, and actually many of these issues are the same ones that other fps games suffer from, cod and bf included, so I’m not singling out Titafail just to single it out… it’s currently the «newest» shooter, so it’s a more relatable topic. You are literally twisting what I say and incorrectly applying it to your bias instead of looking at it from outside of your own idiotic perspective. Look kid… I’m older than you, I’m better than you, and welcome to blocksville… go suck off the respawn devs on your own time because I don’t have time for your simple jack drivel.

    • niro lord:

      Hey titan fall aint bad its nice and hype

  5. UnnamedBeast:

    It is much better now, you should re-visit.

  6. hb0x:

    and this is just another Blacklight game. Though it may look good and the missions are interesting but the fact that we have to spend in-game currency to «rent» guns is just discouraging. Been through that pain in Blacklight, this seems to be another copycat. Heck, even the interface looks similar to Blacklight.

  7. Logan Last:

    I think treyarch and Activision payed off GameSpot to give this game a bad review lol this game is better than cod ghosts and they sucked that game off XD going to play warface bye nerdz

  8. Logan Means:

    This game has improved massively from when this review was made. It’s not pay to win, there’s back story’s to co-op missions, there’s spec op missions (Earth shaker where you infiltrate a facility with turrets, and cyber horde, which is basically futuristic zombies. It’s a much better game, trust me

  9. Diego Lopes:

    So… Is 6.0 for the best ‘F2P FPS’ in moment?

    Sorry, this is bullshit.

    • Titty Titty Poo Tang:

      +p3drozroom whys that? do you really have to ask that question? lol Matija is completely right on this one. the review is for the quality of the game. why should price be any factor in the score?

    • WGB:

      Being the best «F2P FPS» doesn’t mean it’s automatically a good game, though. Better than does not equal good.

      In the free FPS world there’s not exactly a whole lot of competition, so it being the best of the bunch isn’t great praise. And then when you ignore the free part and compare it to other shooters they’re saying that the core mechanics are standard and uninspiring stuff. Throw into that the clumsy handling of the F2P model and you’ve got your score of 6.

    • Peter:

      +matijatu why’s that?

    • MatijaxD:

      it shouldn’t get a biger score if it’s free

    • at yo mommas house:

      Planetside 2 should be the benchmark for all F2P games. You can play COMPLETELY free and still have fun and everyone is equal.

  10. Clarence Boddicker:

    The system of kicking players in this game needs to be changed because people abuse it, if you play a co-op game with a clan that you’re not a member of the chances are you will be kicked from the game for no reason other than not being one of their clan. Very often the clans will use you to help them through the mission then right at the end they will kick you so you have worked for nothing because you will not achieve any leveling up or cash once you’re kicked. The clans wait until the last few seconds of the game after the mission has been completed and then kick you purely out of spite so you lose all your points and leveling up achievements, this needs to be fixed.

  11. joseaca:

    so i guess as far as military free shooters ill stick to Blacklight Retribution, atleast you can buy the guns there, and there are a few sci-fi thingies that make the game more interesting than your classic modern military affair

    • RookieN08:

      BLR all the way~~~

    • joseaca:

      +chub1010101 i dont really consider it all that bad, specially nowadays, they give you free rents contantly, which is of great help for new players, as well as a couple of GP tokens, buying an entire guy takes time, but atleast you can use the parts to make different combinations

    • qlear CSGO:

      guns in that game are even harder to unlock. I actually had a character that I leveled from 1 — 21, and I only had enough money to unlock 5 permanent items, 2 receivers, 2 attachments, and 1 equipment. 
      tbh the base weapons aren’t hard.

  12. usergroupX:

    @0:51 so you’re saying that the lack of story line is not realistic? Well there are plenty of real soldiers who find themselves in the middle of combat questioning why they are even there in the first place… so I think this is a good depiction of real battle 

    • Daniel Schneider:

      Most soldiers know what they are fighting for dude… They all go in fighting for their country and against people who threaten their home’s safety.

  13. Josh Mclaughlin:

    they are missing the point. u r able to play this in a web browser, that’s a big step

  14. Nabael:

    So… It’s basically a better looking Combat Arms? Tell you what: When I see a free to play game that is actually good, then I’ll start playing them again. As it stands, the only one I’ll ever play is World of Tanks.

  15. Moldy:

    Honestly i don’t care about how generic it is,my issue with the game is that the gunplay feels horrible and extremely laggy whats the word for it..Clunky it feels really clunky.On top of that on some maps it’s just a big nade spam.

    • Zach Johnson:

      I feel the maps are way to linear. It just feels restrictive and this is coming from a guy who is a longtime fan of cod. I’m constantly thinking «it would be awesome to go there» but i can’t. In coop for example the maps are really narrow and claustrophobic and not in a good way. Everyone jams up an entrance to a hallway and we’re all stuck until someone moves. 

    • hioeo:

      Yeah. I feel the same way. The guns take forever to kill, the graphics are muddy and low resolution (on console thats the version i play) the controls feel stiff as if saying «no, you dont want to do that». The lag is bad and very noticable. I really want to enjoy it, and it is a beta, so hopefully when it hits console as a full version it will be playable. . . *takes drink from beer* . . . I HOPE.

  16. Matthew Kim:

    Free game and still better than BF4. I still regret paying for it.

  17. Jonathan Yeo:

    So its a free to play version of Cod?

  18. Master - Baiter:

    I just played the game
    It is not a bad game

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