Warface — Reveal Trailer

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Crytek, creators of the notoriously beautiful game Crysis, show off their new free to play FPS "Warface" in this trailer. Get a taste of what you can expect in this online title that will change the way you look at F2P games.

Release Date: TBA 2012
Exclusively on: PC
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Nexon
Developer/Co-Developer: Crytek Studios — Seoul / Crytek Studios

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комментариев 20

  1. Konflikt013cz:

    BF + CoD = Warface

  2. Avre (SkypePVP):

    it’s a good game!
    much better than BF play4free

  3. Remco Aarden:

    and off course, a crytec game wouldn’t be complete with something sci-fi… F*CKING MECHS!!!  i freaking love mechs!

  4. espie:

    its crazy how good the visuals seemed when this was first announced, now it looks like an average 360 game in 5 years haha

  5. Nathan:

    this is one of my favorite games next to Bo2 and WaW

  6. Croma:

    Are the graphics really this good

  7. ibodalaibo:

    Amazing game. I love CRYTEK <3

  8. Lai:

    +Я читы качаю на сайте hapz·ru и всех нагибаю+ Ищите #warface_чит_haox тоже нагибайте!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. cjdstruction:


  10. moran:

    I don’t get why Steam people are frowning upon this game. It’s so epic!

  11. ssbj144:

    *starts shaking body to get the dirt off

  12. jesus salvador rosales herrera:

    los graficos del juego superan por mucho los del trailer

  13. Dale Irvine:

    does it has campaign?

  14. luka zupancic:

    Good thing its free cause it looks amazing

  15. rafael levi:

    already? haha watch?v=6hQyclzisow

  16. Isaiah Ng:

    COD does not allow you to slide but allows you to dive to prone and other things

  17. Joecrosss723:

    COD and BF are both good games FYI
    and this game looks pretty cool too

  18. Fuzy:


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