Warface: Free Kredits, Gold Weapons? [Scam Websites]

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Well guys, just dont trust in those websites!
Let me know youre experience with those websites in the comments!

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комментариев 29

  1. Zorica Bakić:

    I play Warface without kredits

  2. iGoldenStone:

    G-Face information should never be given out to anyone; always keep that sort of thing to yourself. The only sites you should be using your account information to log into is the main Warface site [https://www.warface.com], as well as Customer Support [https://crytek.kayako.com] if need be. Also note that none of the Warface admins or moderators will ever ask you for your account password.

  3. **[German-Warface]**:

    Wieso fallt ihr darauf rein.
    Die Typen die sowas machen sind einfach Lächerlich!!!!
    Leute auch noch zu verarschen geht überhaupt nicht -.-

    Trotzdem gutes Video

  4. Omer Zaman:

    click bait. this video could have a better name

  5. TheInfectedCaptain:

    what mic are you using

  6. RafZ23Gaming:

    0:54 in the global chat,in the global chat,in the global chat XDDDD

  7. Extreme Gaming:

    I was the 6000 sub :3

  8. Spongebub:

    yes you can get free stuff… its called daily rewards

  9. Rifleman Wilq:

    Agreed. Skill is the only thing that is important.

  10. GEORGE Spencer:

    I know im late to this video but how do you buy weapons besides the ones in the shop

  11. unloled:

    clickbait reported

  12. AMar baloch:

    how to get REDEEM CODE bro…

  13. XRAS:

    swiss where  you get that pistol

  14. Sean B:

    great video and hanger v 2.0 is great place

  15. 5IR3N:

    I thought you were going to tell us a way to unlock gold and free weapons

  16. Rebekka Nordvik:

    CLICKBAIT*** Boooooo

  17. DJ.AlexSagaz:

    Hackers can

  18. Roblox nigga Nigga roblox:

    That pistol looks like a Swiss army jet torch

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