Warface — Disappointing New Shooter

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Warface is a new free to play shooter available on steam. I was very excited to get my hands on this game but quickly learned it needs a lot of work. Enjoy!

Warface on Steam:

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комментарий 61

  1. Issa Kareem:

    *Do over this review, it is waaaay better now.*

  2. Teruny Law:

    The game became wayyy better, it would be awrsome if u could make another review

  3. Bengie g:

    Can you do another review of this game it has changed so much it the past years.

  4. Happytea:

    Watching this Video makes me Laugh

  5. Turbo:

    In my opinion Warface is really fun! I like how theres only one spawn area and how the maps are really small. It makes for so much more action!

  6. theChramoX:

    Co-Op is best way to play this game. PVP moe is horrible.

  7. Andrew:

    I think it beats many games that u have to pay for

  8. Shaggy This isnt weed:

    game is WAAAY better now. just an fyi as this video is a year or two old.

  9. Jimmy X:

    Stop haten bro i love the game

  10. HrTjernobyl:

    As a former army ranger it bothers me that the character pushes the «button» (don´t know the english word for it) on the side when reloading. You don´t have to unless you empty the entire gun

  11. dylan parker:

    I fucking love this game (yes I know the video is old)

  12. Jimmy Frazer:

    Will everyone stop complaining about the graphics!? The reason they’re ‘bad’ is because Crytek obviously wanted it to be a title that is available on Craptops.

  13. Jamie Lemsom:

    I dont understand the hate. Me and my friends/collegues love to play warface once or twice a week. We like the fact that teamwork can pay off in the game.

  14. The_One_BoZoiD:

    When the beta came to Xbox I played this nonstop and enjoyed this game. I was sad when I got on an noticed they were shutting down the servers.

  15. Banana Cat 24:

    The Sapper helmet is VERY rare. almost no one has it.

  16. NitroCorn:

    Hey matimi0, what do you think about having a reload learning system? What I mean is that when you first start out with a weapon your reload time is like 3 seconds but every service star you get (100 kills) with that specific weapon your reload time drops by like .3 seconds so it becomes like your an actual soldier and your learning your weapon. But have a minimum time of say 1.2 or 1.4 so you couldnt go any lower. Obviously you would have a different system for lmg’s, but what do you think about this concept? — NitroCorn

  17. Ryan Cuenco:

    I actually enjoy this game…

  18. NeoAeon:

    About 75% of what he said is false or has changed.

    • Dusty:

      +Nova Solace I think it changed because I looked at steam reviews before downloading and the most recent positive reviews said a lot that made it bad has been changed.

  19. oof:

    I used to play Warface… Then I got battlefield

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