USHANKAS AND GOLDEN AK’S — Boris plays Warface

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In Soviet Russia, Warface play YOU! Use promo-code KEPARIK and play like a true Slav! Brought to you with support and help of slav friends at Warface.
To activate secret Boris code:
1. Go to:
2. Download game and create character
3. Go to and use code KEPARIK to get special items
4. Reach level 11 and get even more weapons

Thanks Warface team for cooperation!
Warface has guns and hats. And some granades you can use to eliminate the undead. There is both PvE and PvP missions so you do not have to grind online all the time. The game is free for playing. Enjoy.

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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting is in my blood and semechki in my hand.
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комментарий 61

  1. Terminal Games:

    If anyone says first then you will be the first on the KGB’s assassination list

  2. Apfelmuse:

    Serbia or albania serbia=like

  3. andre1603:

    play rainbow 6 siege as lord tachanka

  4. Yugo Mapping:

    Oyyy blyat there i go killing again

  5. NTRON 23:

    Never closed mayonez pornhub video so fast blyat

  6. The very Cheeki Breeki Bandit:

    It’s 2 A.M. and it’s my first day of school, yet I am here still on YouTube instead of going to sleep.


    Help me Privyet Boris!I entered the coupon but it’s incorrect blin!

  8. Vladimir Djokic:


  9. a soggy fish:

    You’re coming to Bulgaria? You should see the «Eyes of God» caves in Karlukovo, they are kind of famous and are in the movie «The Long Way Back». Also you can visit me in the neighbouring village Kunino if you want haha. There isn’t a lot of stuff to do in Bulgaria but there is a lot of cool stuff to look at.

  10. Kiril Vasilev:

    Im from Bulgaria Hehehehehheheh

  11. Jacket:


  12. Birtalan Lóránt:

    Lel, shame its such a bad game, they fucked the economy up like a year ago, now you bleed money after matches.

  13. Beannie Plays:

    Boris, you complete debil, code no work

    Ask Sergei to fix

  14. George Cannon:

    What? The golden AK is one of the easiest golden guns to get. you don’t need to spend any actual money. Just need to learn how to play the game so that you make a lot of money.

  15. Tyler demers:

    like if boris should have my children

  16. SniffGriff:

    Hey Boris, could you do a DIY Kvass gummy bottle?

  17. David Konya:

    Boris, I need help. The code KEPARIK doesn’t work for me. I tried 8 times but nothing. It always says ‘You entered an incorrect code’ pleas help. Thx.


    The code isn’t working for me

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