[Undetected] Warface — Universal Hack 2016! (W/ DOWNLOAD!)

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Hack for warface!!! Aimbot, Magnet and much more!
This hack is 100% safe and 100% working and is highly unlikely to crash your game, if it did somehow it definitely by something you did wrong. Avoid from spamming "not working", "crashed" like pointless replies.

I don't take ANY responsibility over your account by using this hack. It's your own responsibility to use it wisely.
=-=-=-=-=-Downloads and Info-=-=-=-=-=

►Creator of hack ~ SandyWF

►Download Link for the hack ~ (CURRENTLY NOT WORKING!)

►PerX Injector download ~
^They recommend Extreme injector, but I had problems with that program. If you want to use extreme it is also in hack link 😀

►Warface download ~
=-=-=-=-=-IMPORTANT! -=-=-=-=-=

►UnknownCheats Forums ~
Whats in link above!

►Download Instructions
►Tips to Play without Getting Suspicious!

=-=-=-=-=-Music! -=-=-=-=-=

►Artist ~ Virtual Riot
►Song ~ Energy Drink
►Download ~
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комментария 34

  1. Gmaspar mlw:

    when comes the new hack=====

  2. Gmaspar mlw:

    I only want ESP

  3. Lakazar:

    NOOBS ITS a ticket for ban

  4. zukajson 48:

    im here because i just accidently bought flash granades for 9000$ for 89 days -_-
    and im extremly mad.

  5. Vitomir Milosevic:

    Never understood how playing like this can be fun.

  6. The Dirt Block's Channel:

    Guys, did u know, Warface was started on Russia by russian developers

  7. Alan Chak:

    the beginning gave me epilepsy

  8. MacTime:

    dude that hack is like CRAZY TROLL xD i lov it!

  9. john michael albro:

    your just killing the game, get a life

  10. Marcus Anschau:

    this hacker works in the American Warface?

  11. Knusper Frühstück:

    cheat noob

  12. Spengebahb:

    Where must i put the universalhack, what kind of folder in warface?!

  13. Gapajp21:

    how do you actually use i injected but nothing is happening

  14. TGKomar WaWa:


  15. TGKomar WaWa:

    zukaSJON SUKA

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