Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!          

       Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!



                      СКАЧАТЬ КЭШ к GTA5  

                СКАЧАТЬ КЭШ к GTA5 !!!


Как установить файл кэша к игре GTA5

  • Скачиваем файл
  • Скопировать папку кэша в SD/Android/obb/
  • Если у вас этой папки нет, то создайте ее
  • В итоге получится SD/Android/obb/папка_кэша/файл *obb
  • Запускаем приложение


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комментарий 51

  1. Golden Modz:

    I hope you guys enjoyed! Please leave a like! #StayGolden 🙂

  2. Cadan Masters:

    I’m glad to see that kid is nice and actually shared a lot of money, most kids are selfish and take it all

  3. Xxx tentation:

    I’ve got 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999

  4. Vernon Cannon:

    look this up if you need $ i have tested it and it worked i have more than 200m now: *GTAGLITCH .CLUB*

  5. - KCOD -:

    Hes so cute it hurts

  6. Latoya Poindexter:


  7. LegendLike Gaming:

    Hey Golden Modz, I love your content you’re such a great YouTuber and ur very nice to kids man, and half of those people on GTA are mean to kids.

    P.S. I subbed and turned the bell on

  8. LeeAnne Cruet:

    It would be funny if the pulled out a mini gun, lol

  9. Jibi_gang_7:

    I have $5000000000

  10. kms qtr:

    Bro you deserve 2m subs cuz you arecmaking people happy not like aothor moders you are the best bro 🙂

  11. MALENI 1:

    Please Im to want play with you

  12. Daddy Aquino:

    I love when modders are nice to kids. You earned a sub man. 🙂

  13. pro under999:

    lol the way his brother so shut up so FUNNY


    I get 60 billion from money drop thanks for the modder

  15. Jonah PlayZz:

    Lol the money’s going to him

  16. Stellan V:

    That kid was sooooo happy

  17. Daniel Griffith's:

    when you made this video you were humble and looked for just 1000 likes ✌your a funny but top guy 😂 keep it up fella and feel free to money drop me any time 😂😂

  18. GhostDaGod !:

    This kid sounds like my friend clash

  19. Zaydayplayz Gang:

    I wish u played ps4

  20. KingSquad 23:

    Now he banned

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