Top 20 Steam Open World Survival PC Game

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Top 20: Best Open World Sandbox Survival Games 2015. Makv l — Top PC Games

Top 20: 00:00 Survival: Postapocalypse Now
(Steam score: 65%)

Top 19: 01:03 Salt
(Steam score: 89%)

Top 18: 02:05 TUG
(Steam score: 72%)

Top 17: 03:02 GRAV
(Steam score: 71%)

Top 16: 04:04 FarSky
(Steam score: 75%)

Top 15: 05:06 Miscreated
(Steam score: 62%)

Top 14: 06:08 Unturned
(Steam score: 92%)

Top 13: 07:10 H1Z1
(Steam score: 68%)

Top 12: 08:12 Subnautica
(Steam score: 94%)

Top 11: 09:14 Space Engineers
(Steam score: 93%)

Top 10: 10:16 Project Zomboid
(Steam score: 92%)

Top 9: 11:18 DayZ
(Steam score: 75%)

Top 8: 12:20 The Long Dark
(Steam score: 95%)

Top 7: 13:22 The Forest
(Steam score: 90%)

Top 6: 14:24 Empyrion — Galactic Survival
(Steam score: 87%)

Top 5: 15:26 Rust
(Steam score: 84%)

Top 4: 16:28 State of Decay
(Steam score: 88%)

Top 3: 17:30 ARK: Survival Evolved
(Steam score: 73%)

Top 2: 18:32 Stranded Deep
(Steam score: 86%)

Top 1: 19:34 Fallout 4 — Survival Mode
(Steam score: 78%)

Extra survival games:

-Beasts of Prey
(Steam score: 48%)

-Nether: Resurrected
(Steam score: 47%)

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комментарий 41

  1. Hux:

    The games may be good but these awful clips make them look bad

  2. Shaeem Bordeaux:

    No footage of the cannibals in The Forest? No zombies in Unturned? No enemy players in Rust? No dinosaur taming in Ark? You should try to capture all of the aspects in a game when show casing them. You should also make an updated version of this video to show new things in most of the games.

    • Tusk:

      ark’s dino taming takes WAAAAAYYY to long i should know it took me 12 hours real life just to tame a level 104 carno with meat and even if i had kibble it still wouldve taken me 3 hours of staring the knocked out carno and force feeding narcotics from time to time THATS NOT A GAME ITS A NITGHMARE!!!

    • TheLegend27:

      or just delete this one because its bullsh*t xD

  3. bLuEsxBear:

    haha the dayz clip really summed up my experience playing it xD

  4. TheLegend27:

    You didn’t show once how to build bases. Coolest aspect in a survival open world game in my opinion.

    • Sej Manandhar:

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  5. Josh George:

    This guy puts in no work or time into these vids like wtf you show the game off by walking wround fir 15 secs doesnt show the crafting or the ifems or if there is a story or not

  6. Crazy Rayzy:

    wheres 7daystodie

  7. daTurcky:

    How is Stranded Deep 10 spots above Subnautica when Subnautica looks better and has more than quadruple what Stranded has.

  8. LyricsYT:

    1:30 what kind of graphics are those..

  9. FreshMatyS:

    cool 😉 nice work makv 🙂

    • You Tube:

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    • cesar zapata:

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    • Sej Manandhar:

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  10. Pro agario:

    can you do a video about free survival games on steam please :)?

  11. Turkish Eagle:

    DayZ 1.

  12. Amir Hakim:

    Is it free 4 steam?


    prea multi bani costa jocurile astea

  14. LarryTheGreat:

    stop at 0:10look at the little light there is a illuminati sign

  15. Nando RefugeeBoy:

    Nice top PC games channel. +1 subbed.

  16. Ivan Soo:

    Yaya unturned in the list!

  17. Paul Cox:

    duno why developers think 1st person creates realism, it’s just aids. 3rd person is way better.

    • Kummo (RRM):

      +Paul Cox Depends heavily on what kind of survival game it is. If there is crafting and building, yes, 3rd person might be better. But if it’s supposed to be survival-shooter, then i recommend 1st person. It’s about which «survival-element» the game relies on the most.

      Some games would benefit if they had both views (switchable).

  18. Lovely !:

    Where’s Rust?

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