Top 15 Angry Gamers

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Top 7 Video Game Enemies
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  2. dart 345:

    I don’t care if I lose, I’m a noob at every game?

  3. Paul Morphy:

    Kid at the end went on a bit…

  4. Dev Babbar:

    Please give lower the volume note in the beginning fucking hell!

  5. Bryan Guashpa:

    Number 7 the man with the blue shirt playing video games extremely piss off person.

  6. Mr. Noob Gaming:

    And my friend think im angry because of games -_-
    The last one was best 😀

  7. Elsa Martin:

    Jesus Christ! # 1 should have been an abortion. Demon baby right there.??

  8. Andy:

    The top one was an act…psf

  9. Elisha Galvan:

    How it feels to chew five gum

  10. zzApotheosis:

    I should have known Angry German Kid would be #1 lmfao

  11. Simon K.:

    Number one is called angry german kid and it’s fake^^

  12. Noah Texter:

    They all need to chill

  13. realista182:

    8:48 if it was my child i would kill him instantly

  14. Levi Lawson:

    At least #7 didn’t break his computer

  15. Kailopa Vehikite:

    my brothers would fu*ck me up if i broke anything

  16. Gizmie:

    These computer’s Are old too man there isen’t that great i understand why there bees angry/mad.

  17. Hekseey YT:

    That last one was close to get an heart attack? What are he doing?

  18. Reaction Suomi:

    So I’m really confused now… Is it a try not to laugh challenge or try not to cringe challenge? Either way, I lost anyways

  19. Awesome Gamer:

    I just wanted to have a pc and they all smash and trow it

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