TOP 10 GTA 5 MODS (2018)

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Here is a list of very well-made mods for Grand Theft Auto 5!

Mods by JulioNIB

LCPD First Response

PC Mods

GTA Mods

GTA 5 CAR MOD Showcase

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC

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комментариев 48

  1. Ankit Baral:

    R.I.P to those innocent GTA people who is helping to make these videos

  2. Mr. Brian Williams is a moron Lituation:

    Dude that ghost rider, with the bike, the chain and the guilty soul scene. fucking sick!!

  3. Marco. exe:

    Oh my god!!
    You stopped the Train

  4. Vasko The Scout Main:

    nice fucking graphics mate

  5. HexitCZ:

    5:00 look left on the guy he slide on head 😀

  6. Pynxz BZ:

    the train finally can be stop & destroy… xD

  7. Yasin Andreas:

    Ghost rider is the best

  8. Sastro 1810:

    I thought the watch dogs mod is not gta

  9. Nezzi:

    Imagine if this mods come to gta5 online lobbys !

  10. Vulgtm N'gha:

    >woman laying down face first
    >Other Cop: SHOOT TO KILL!!
    Wow, it really feels like I’m a minority in the big city!

  11. Chitosaki:

    Pause at 4:32 That lady looks like she did some sort of Martial Arts move.

  12. Zaid m7md:

    If Rockstar could make gta police edition that would be awesome

  13. Mushroom21 // Svampen21:

    He should edit the title to «Top 10 JulioNIB mods in GTA 5 (2017)

  14. Asaf GamingIL:

    what grapic mod do you use ? and what reshade ?

  15. Flying Blocks:

    Watch dogs in gta 5 lmao

  16. simarjit singh:

    how to use these all mods

  17. Tanner Ewing:

    That jetpack mod is really kickass. (Who else gets it)

  18. Jõao Vitor:

    13:50 Stan lee? haha

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