Top 10 Game/Fantasy Anime [HD]

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Hey otaku bros new video here now about games/fantasy anime
I hope that you'll agree with this list and if so hit like!
Also this list contains some anime from 2016 too^^
I hope that you will like this and that you'll find some more anime to watch
For better quality of video put it into 720p HD
Also thanks for your support we are almost at 30.000 subscribers!
Stay tuned until friday for more anime content!
Thumbnail: Phantasy star online 2 the animation
Intro song: Bleach op 13
Songs that play through video: Alan Walker:135,Tobu & Syndec — Dusk [NCS Release],
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комментария 64

  1. LogicnMotive -:

    Where is Danmachi

  2. Pineapple lord:

    No game no life, where is your season 2 already

  3. Astral Soul:

    No Game No Life at n°1… HELL YEAH! x3 super happy about that

  4. Jordan Loison:

    Overlord !

  5. Eli Elekberov:

    SAO rank 5??well every one has own opinion,still rank 5 is far behind for SAO

  6. Lord Grim:

    Woot Log Horizon!!! My personal fave!!!

  7. Petar Stamenkov:

    Overlord is a great game/ fantasy anime too. Must watch!

  8. James Yen:

    Missing Overlord here ;p

  9. Jhon Carter:

    watched them all !!!OVERLORD!!! should be 1st followed by NO GAME NO LIFE as 2nd. But !!OVERLORD didn’t even mentioned in this list.????

  10. ProSpect:

    what about overlord ?? 😀

    • Lily:

      they probably never watched it

    • Dark demon:

      +MichaelAndTheChronicleOfTheCoatHanger The netoge i will accept.
      konosuba i started reading the manga and got bored and havent watched the anime
      Mondaiji is to be watched at some point same with gate
      Gurren Lagan is probably one of the most overrated shows i have ever watched. I reached episode 6 or 7 and just stopped. The characters for the most part just suck and the mech things just look dumb.
      Outbreak company has Miusel, i will accept all day everyday

    • Michael ApacheOrbitalStriker:

      well dank demon,
      i dont remember all because names are japanese.
      Netoge no yome
      gate:jieitai kanochi
      gurren lagan
      outbreak company,
      just some animu , personal favorite is gate jieitai w kanochi.

    • Dark demon:

      +MichaelAndTheChronicleOfTheCoatHanger The such as

    • Michael ApacheOrbitalStriker:

      mainstream shits , hehe lel.
      I liked both but both had flaws and even though I don’t think they’re bad there’s anime that outrank them easily.

  11. Daniel Ross:

    whats the name of the anime in your thumbnail? i didnt see it in your video or i probably missed that part

  12. Demon Lord:

    Why?! Why everyone forgot about Bakugan?!(((

  13. Najja Mallace:

    Log Horizon is great, need more people to spread the word about it! Can’t wait for another season.

  14. Blank:

    Chill tf out, the uploader isn’t some kind of saint to know all of the good anime you like in your own opinion.
    Stop complaining for whats not on the list, just focus on what is.

  15. Ahmad Hafiz:

    Pray for No game no life S2 and Log horizon S3

  16. Nitro Sensei:

    no hate or anything, but SAO should lowkey have been at least number 2.

  17. Gamer X:

    OMG Hai To Gensou No Grimgar brings back the feels :'(

  18. The gamer Goat:

    Who came her for sao and no game no life

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