This most realistic war game is now FREE in (HD)

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комментариев 20

  1. Sir. Jaffa-Cake:

    Arma 3 is not FREE

  2. panhead2012:

    a r m a 3…….

  3. CrazyJakey109:

    Fast graphics card? Well I can throw my gforce card about a few feet.

  4. Larry McDarry:

    Does it require steam?

  5. Sadhashiva Tiwari:

    what is the name if the game

  6. gary tim:

    what game is that

  7. sgtwok:

    alright… you are an idiot… Arma is more realistic in EVERY.SINGLE.FORM.
    You can’t come to life with defibrillators in the real world.
    In Arma, when you are hit, you either die or are wounded, when wounded, you are on the floor, maybe able to crawl around, and you are stuck like that until a medic comes to heal you, and even then, you don’t heal all the way, its only to get you back on your feet.

  8. Caliber:


  9. Thij van Kesteren:

    It’s arma 2 right??

  10. RoflTag Tehlulzmicter:

    Outside of both being first person (Arma enables you to actively switch between 1st and 3rd) they share little in common. Battlefield is a run and gun game similar to Call of Duty (Que raging fanboys) whilst Arma is more along the lines of a military sim. It is significantly more realistic (whatever that means for a virtual simulation). Also BF3 blows hard, bfbc2 was better in every way. I literally mean EVERY WAY. Felt that needed to be in there because I am a petulant child. G’day.

  11. reisdal Reisdal:

    well yeah… the light version of Arma. If you want the full experience, buy it 🙂

  12. aquamentum:

    It’s a completly different game. Not even the same genre.

  13. WightFangCreation VI:

    Not bad of a game but BF3 is better 🙂 this game is cool for when your bored

  14. Josh Gray:

    Arma is not used in the military today it was made to but never was. really used. They now use a different program none the less, it was still made to be a simulator and respects real world situations.

  15. gamrage:

    I know it’s kinda rude, but I found it funny how everyone got baited into one spot. This game is indeed realistic in terms of gameplay. To me, gameplay is number one in what to look for in a game though.. Second is graphics.

  16. newkidsturbokut:

    At arma 2 website

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