THIS LITTLE PIGGY ★ 7 Days To Die (Alpha 16, Ep.2)

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комментариев 29

  1. Poptar7:

    OMG AT 4:37 YOU CAN HERE A GHOST SAY HELLO Oh sorry I thought this was Faze rug :/

  2. TheGolden Pokeball:

    Always search the toilets my friend found 2 pistols in them

  3. Kmott Fishing:

    MEATY Look on top of the trailer in the construction place, the one that says leave. There are alot of boxes on there.

  4. Scott Dyson:

    You have to use skills points in construction tool and Weapons to get from 25 to 50 and so on

  5. alex 7658:

    You can never have to much wood in this game..

  6. Christopher Todd:

    Guns: it’s one O clock who stays inside? Me: everyone watching this video.

  7. joseph oneill:


  8. Brian Admczyk:

    I hear everything u said I am only 9 think about what u said that a 9 year old should not hear

  9. Neon:

    «But a wolf in sheep’s clothing is not than a warning!»

  10. PyroPlayer243:

    At 20:29 just close your eyes and listen to Gunns.

  11. Heina Karina:

    search the toilettsssssssssssss

  12. Lorf:

    Quick question: what is the seed you use for this series?

  13. Tommy riddle:

    there is snakes in 7 days to die same as tigers

  14. Benjamin Hart:

    Meaty&Gunns i love these videos keep it up i love you guys

  15. Solomon Harvey:

    7 Day to Die: WTF are hitboxes edition

  16. AmerGaming:

    you dont need a miner helmat just turn up you Gama all the way

  17. ryx1993:

    does anyone else think they need to add a sleep at night time mechanic

  18. GreekGeek6467:

    Meaty ready his comments! Let there be light!!

  19. The Übermensch:

    Meaty you have to parkor onto the construction place

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