This is Need for Speed Payback

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Play an action-packed experience, explore a diverse open world and compete against the street leagues of fortune valley across multiple car classes.

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Unearth forgotten Derelicts, outrun and battle cops, find collectibles, roaming racers and challenges. Build your garage of perfect cars, gain entry into the Outlaw's Rush and bring down The House.

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Need for Speed™ Payback will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Origin.

Release Date: November 10, 2017

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комментариев 77

  1. Jeremy Boateng:

    0:13 lol i read that as “Mac the Snowman”

    Theres no white on him anywhere

  2. TRAPzilla GAMING:

    U love this game……thanks for not making it another sum game like forza….. Arcade is just fine

  3. Jeremy Boateng:

    Great work on that 5.9 rating guys. I knew you could pull it off!

  4. ImperialPlayGames:


  5. MrCheeseiscool2:

    1:06 «hunt for for collectibles» ??????????

  6. NFS VS FH3:

    Too bad we can’t play as Rav???

  7. Раш Дэйс:

    What about Nintendo Switch?

  8. Euryeus:


  9. wolfguy23:

    *Vroom, Vroom.*

  10. Lula Ramos:

    Music Name ?

  11. Stefan Winter:

    The Name of the Song?

  12. Brais:

    No free roaming police, no online free roaming, no weather.

  13. LEO ScS:

    This is microtransation Payback Cof cof

  14. Dani Pedrosa:


  15. The Darkmander:

    Why is everyone asking so much about online free roaming.Need for Speed is suppose to be a one player experience and it should stay that way.

    • GAMESupporter Gaming:

      Because It would be awesome
      Like the NFS UNDERGROUND series !!

    • Adrian Diaz:

      Tell me atleast one person who agrees with you

    • rangermaan2:

      Yeah, nfs 2015 was always online and people complain, now theyve focused on singleplayer, and some people still complain. Anyways, theyll probably add online free roam in an update.

    • nadler1:

      Qidl Plays gets it, it was so much fun in NFS2K15 to just cruise around or hit them tandems on Nautilus. Also the frequent car meets at the gas station to show new wraps you just came up with. these things also make Forza Horizon 3 a great game.

  16. gaming with jyotiprasanna jyoti:

    nfs payback

  17. Tiago Pereira:

    Online free roam??

  18. XeLLo:

    still waiting for ‘This is NFS Payback Online freeroam session with 100 drivers’

  19. iam youtuber:



    The Name of the Song?

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