THE DAY 7 HORDE IN A BUNKER! — 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Multiplayer Gameplay #8

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FINALLY FOUND ONE! — 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Multiplayer Gameplay #7

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комментариев 37

  1. trey frazee:

    royal if you head up the other bridge by the hardware store you found and keep going straight on that road you will find a gas station and the road that goes to the left takes you to three big houses that I looted and from what I remember they each have one gun safe a bunch of bookcases and counters and a lot of wall safes I would recommend looting and you are why I got the game there also is a radio tower that has some good loot and is by a river there also is sole campsites in the area with good loot

  2. PumpkinBarPie:

    Royal man we need longer vids.

  3. dumb shit:

    can u make the vids like 30 or 35 min

  4. Brandy Crystal:

    As soon as I was getting into it, the video ended, if you want this game cheaper go to *BOGKU* *dot* *COM*

  5. Skyknight 2627:

    zombies can’t dig straight down

    • Excalibur:

      I haven’t played Alpha 16 yet, But yea If there a tons of zombies ie all grouped together then they can somehow hit the blocks below them.

    • KG:

      I tested it in creative on A16 and they do do some damage to blocks below them. Even the standing ones. That’s why I said I’m not sure if it’s as intended. I used the spawn 25 setting to create full hordes and they can do damage to the block below them. This doesn’t matter what kind of zombie. Though crawlers and spiders damage the block below then more consistently. I’ve only played A16 on pc, the rest on console. On console they never damage hatches. Was a little of a surprise when they tore right through my hatch.

    • Excalibur:

      Guys crawlers and spider zombies CAN DIG DOWN. Regular zombies cant dig straight down. Look it up i saw it somewhere or even test it.

    • KG:

      Zombies can do damage to blocks below them but it only happens when there’s enough of them that they pile on top of each other. I think it’s a glitch in the physics, but either way it’s not much damage. Hatch doors are another story though. As of b113 the zombies could attack hatch doors. Not sure if that’s as intended or a bug.

    • Zach Prochaska:

      Add me on steam, but I don’t do much multiplayer. Sponge B. Squarepants is my steam name

  6. Trey Smith:

    XD Demo is fookin lit for making that bunker. Also Royal longer vids would be much appreciated.

  7. RadGamerFTW _:

    as soon as i was getting into it, the video ended. Thanks Jared.

  8. Big Smoke:

    «So it’s gonna be a Vietnamese tunnel not a bunker» ?

  9. Goat Head:

    im good at 7 days to die this game is my farorit survival game

  10. Dradistic:

    strange that you’re having such feather problems, in my world (PC, random gen, 4 people, normal loot spawn) I have almost 2 stacks of feathers and no arrow problems.

  11. Brent Kumm:

    When noobs make videos. «What does a wire tool does» i dnt even have A16 i play on ps4 and I know all about the add-ons, and expeiremental enemies. Cough cough behemoth

  12. Argerro Steel:

    Am I the only one that the bunker hole looks like a stone-gina

  13. Fellow Welshman:

    Is this gameplay on navesgane?

  14. Nogame:

    PartiallyRoyal if u find a small but with a metal fencing around and a radio tower by it there are metal grates you can destroy and it’s a bunker. On my private session I have 2 prisoners. Plus there is a gunsafe in the bunker

  15. J Anja:

    12:22 look liked Patrick’s house in spongebob

  16. ruslas zubres:

    This patch was really good, they put good effort in it.

  17. fatunicornsniper:

    third time todat being first on a video

  18. Jarrod van Campfort:

    my first horde I spent on a roof of a gun store

  19. Darth Artagnan:

    How can you have 3 people playing and have progressed like almost zero by day 7.. that was the saddest 7 day horde set-up I’ve ever seen lol.

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