Super Mario Run 64 Release (with download)


 Скачать Super Mario Run:                

             СКАЧАТЬ Super Mario Run !!!





 Скачать ЧИТЫ Super Mario Run:         

     Скачать ЧИТЫ Super Mario Run: ТУТ !!!




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I spoil alot, so pause and download right away:


The game looked interesting so i stole MrGreenthunders idea to steal Nintendo's idea and put this together in like 3 hours.
Green made some of the base models:

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комментарий 71

  1. Nathaniel Bandy:


  2. Bluespheal:

    46 A-presses?!


  3. DoctorMario606:

    your so good at hacking you can make something like this DAYS within it being announced?

  4. Andrew Luiz:

    So amazing :3

  5. CyberMario:

    How long will it last before Nintendo takes this down?

  6. Exploshi:

    Please do an asm tutorial series! Nobody made it except fora few PDFs which are really hard to understand i wound donate but i dont have enough money pls make a tutorial!!

  7. John O:

    Looks better than the official game. Sure the graphics are more polished and smooth (because it’s not N64), but I’m sick to death of that constantly recycled, copy-pasted art style they’ve been using for so long. The retro vibe at least makes it more unique 🙂

  8. LuigiHero:

    0/10 needs more bahs and fancy flipping. Also where are the micro transactions?

  9. jonesyjosh96:

    Can this be a mini game in Last Impact?

  10. Deboogs:

    That awkward moment when this looks better than Super Mario Run.

  11. Boltscrap:

    Seems to control better than SM64DS.

  12. Mike Dix:

    Main question,
    Will it run on an Everdrive?

  13. Natok the Watok:

    Super Mario Run was announced like 2 days ago and you already made this? Woaj

  14. TheGlitchGuy957:

    +Kaze Emanuar Is it just this one level or are there more levels?

    • Bruce Shankle:

      I don’t know, is it? Maybe you should play the game to find out. It may be able to answer your question. If not, please try again sometime

  15. glitch hunter:

    already made a record for myself. 81 coins. I feel for some reason this is going to be better than the actual game

  16. Thunder64:

    For a second I thought this was Last Impact, almost had a heart attack lol.

  17. Spike Sketches:

    Holy Cow That Was Fast I Remember Hearing About The Mobile Game Yesterday! Good Job Man!

  18. Saje:

    Gonna try it out. I am sad that there us no news of an Android release for this game. 🙁

  19. PieOfCthulhu:

    That moment when a remake of a game is released before the original game.

  20. FreestyleGaming:

    And what is the reset button?

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