SUPER MARIO 64 Online Multiplayer, клиент, загрузка, прохождение


 Скачать Super Mario Run:                

             СКАЧАТЬ Super Mario Run !!!





 Скачать ЧИТЫ Super Mario Run:         

     Скачать ЧИТЫ Super Mario Run: ТУТ !!!




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НАША ГРУППА ВК: — ставь Лайки !!! Подписывайся !!!

Let’s play some N64 Super Mario 64 Online! Make sure to like if it’s useful! Download link should be in comments. (PORT FORWARDING HELP: )

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комментария 62

  1. SugarGlitterKiss:

    does ip have to be same as host plz reply soon

  2. Thomas Webster:

    hey do we need to set up portforwarding or can we just use our own ip and the 7777 port???

  3. Nightbot Is A Control Freak:

    Alternative download:!o2AX2LxD!9vHkwaboolMmfyB6Q-_0fIGiypp1kgpYoVfgs4_s-pQ
    DOUBLE CHECK 8MB instead of 4MB or you get white screen! ( see )

  4. TheArcadeStriker:

    EDIT: Currently this version is outdated (V1.2) as V1.3.1 is already out, and the launcher tool isn’t compatible with it (AFAIK). I will see if I make a version compatible with it, but at the moment, mind that this pack has a outdated version.
    Hey guys!!PgJEWAyI!ZCXo-YmXdJjQNiqTv1LLLXvM1vRFMHEbfcxdj7vVquc
    This pack includes everything configured to play (Emu, ROM, SM64O) plus a launcher that opens everything and configures automatically (it gonna prompt you for IP, Port and character you want to use, and then opens the tool, sets it up auto and then connects you).
    Note that the launcher for now only works to connect as a client, not to host.

  5. TaxiJack:

    You didn’t give credit to kaze at all!

  6. Kermoot the Froog:

    It never says logged in

  7. M an:

    No rom file should be a .exe

  8. Grantismus:

    «Data modified: 9/11» oh, okay.

  9. RealLifeBros Gaming:

    it doesn’t work

  10. WeirdSnake:

    Cool! Thank you for tutorial ?

  11. _oggivseerden:

    says cant connect/start server

  12. Provingrain6:

    Critical Error
    Could not connect/start server:
    no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it then my my ip and port is shown help

  13. HammerBroGaming:

    Great tutorial iwan! My friends and I have been having tons of fun playing this classic game together. However, it made us wonder whether or not it would be possible to play other classic N64 games online, such as Mario Kart 64 or Mario Party 3. Do you know of any ways to do this?

  14. Darren Viloria:


  15. Pyroblowout:

    Keeps saying no controller.

  16. Lachesis VR:

    Hello Iwan, how did you manage to have 2 players on the same PC?

  17. mydadsacop123:

    does anyone know how to fix being invisible??

  18. Gamestergolem:

    «Critical Error» «Could not start/create to server» plz help

  19. Tyler Wess:

    So im all ready to play, but when I try to connect my Logitech controller, no inputs are recognizing. Help?

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