Star Wars Battlefront II PC Game Review

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Star Wars Battlefront II is a video game created by Electronic Arts and developed by DICE, Motive Studios and Criterion Games. It was released on November 17, 2017. The game is a sequel to the 2015's Star Wars Battlefront and includes content from all three trilogies.

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  1. Zer0dog:

    Real Battlefront II is $10 on Steam.

    Everyone go buy that instead

  2. leonthesleepy:

    Savage AF review. Love it

  3. Larry Bundy Jr:

    Totally agree with you on Star Wars, it’s just WAY too over-saturated and people are getting absolutely sick of it.

    Watched a recent video of a guy walking around Toys R Us in the US and literally a third of the entire store was nothing but Star Wars merch, and most of that was unsold stuff from The Force Awakens (especially anything to do with Rey and Finn), all still at full price.

    I strongly suspect it’s what pushed the company into bankruptcy.

  4. SpecShadow:

    I like how people think that EA is afraid of hate and criticism, yet EA pull out «door in the face» technique and everyone are happy because gamers are not smart animals and have memory of a goldfish (no offense for these beautiful animals).

  5. Bainser:

    “You’ll fight for the Empire” they said.
    “It will be fun” they said.

    • reignick1133:

      Which is HILARIOUS as disney has had more than a few female villains … Guess they are going to have to whitewash ( ZOMG Racist sexist cisgendered heteronormative PATRIARCY! lol) quite a few of their animated movies now..

    • Fido The Dude:


    • Fargoth Ur:

      Fido The Dude Well, The Darth Bane trilogy is pretty good, as it depicts Sith in a really interesting fashion, not as purely evil antagonists, but as actual people, which are the way they are because of their individual reasons. The main character, for example, while being… well, evil, still has emotions, and actually… some weird kind of empathy. Bane himself is quite the conflicted man, with the feelings he invokes being equally conflicted. Seriously, there were some parts of the books where I wanted to strangle the fucktard, and some in which I felt sympathy. It’s a good read, all in all. In my personal opinion, that is.

    • Fido The Dude:

      Any recommendations for good EU books? Never read any.

    • Fargoth Ur:

      Fido The Dude That’s actually the EU reason for why the Empire built the Death Star. The Emperor knew about the Yuuzhan Vong (they appeared in the SW galaxy as early as around 3500 years BBY (Canderous Ordo speaks about his encounter with them in KOTOR1) and wanted to protect the galaxy from them. It’s a great fucking plot twist. Overall, the EU had a tendency to make everything morally grey, but since that’s been retconned… whoop-dee fucking doo, we’re gonna get 7 new movies and a new TV show, all incredibly unimaginative and mostly composed of recycled ideas from the originals, which will make everyone despise Star Wars to the point that they will vomit everytime a new film gets announced! Isn’t this just a swell time to be alive?

  6. MunkeyChips:

    Go play BFII (2005) from Pandemic Studios. Great SP Conquest Mode, Disney brought PC servers back online, the game’s better in every way (accept for maybe some laggy servers) and costs 10 bucks on Steam and GOG. #FuckEA

    • Novem:

      It will be better when GOG fixes the server issues. Right now it’s a dice roll on whether it works for you or not, and even if you can get in your ping will probably be 250+ rendering the game unplayable. Single-player is great, but I really wish GOG could be faster on those fixes. It’s been almost two months since they turned the servers on and the game is still unplayable in multiplayer.

    • MunkeyChips:

      Hm. Learn sumthin’ new every day, right? 🙂

    • Alexander Huffam:

      +MunkeyChips Walt was a traditionalist that wanted to preserve German folk tales. After he died Ron Miller (Walt’s daughter Diane’s husband) took over the company and Miller was ousted a year after his term by Roy E. Disney, a Disney executive and the son of Roy O. Disney. Roy O. Disney was Walt Disney’s brother.
      He was replaced by a three-man panel of executives: Michael Eisner, Frank Wells and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

      So yes, Disney is owned and operated by Jews. You can tell because all they produce is propaganda targeted at neoliberals these days.

    • Zer0dog:

      If Disney wants a little extra goodwill from Star Wars fans, they can cancel their contract with EA, Disney’s a little smarter then most billion dollar companies, they will take notice of this bad press.

    • sankunsama:

      Thanks Disney. This may be the one good thing you’ve ever done with Star Wars.

  7. RarefoilB:

    Battlefront 2 Metacritic
    PS4 & Xbox One: 71
    PC: 72

    …I’m curious, did any of the professional reviews even mention the microtransactions, lootboxes, and pay-to-win mechanics? Or were they just drooling over the graphics?

    • Mr Toast:

      A 7 is horrible in this day and age, anything below a 8 most gamers consider it to be trash. If the game didn’t have the microtransactions this game definitely deserves a 8.

    • Skryre Prototype:

      72% from critics and 9% from the audience. Hmm…

    • JoJo Memelord:

      I don’t think the loot boxes were available at that point.

    • Fargoth Ur:

      From what I’ve read every «professional journalist» out there praises the gameplay, but is really upset about the bullshit business model. Not to mention, a metacritic score below 80 for an AAA game means a pissed off publisher, lowered sales and problems for the developers. This honestly was to be expected. EA fucks up everything it gets it’s hands on, no matter how skilled, talented or passionate the developers are. I hope EA gets the memo, especially since Disney stepped in and it’s stock price fell.

  8. BSzili:

    Dat face tho. Is it even legal to put attractive women in video games nowadays?

  9. Jack Timson:

    While everything else is dead-on, the dig at Versio’s looks seems a little childish, don’t you think? I know we’re talking about one of the most fantastical science fiction properties here (and so some might argue that authenticity need not apply), but at least EA knew how to make Gavankar look like an actual soldier, rather than a glamour model in a Stormtrooper costume.

    • BeyondTheAverageFilm:

      «I’ve not seen one person scared or angry about forced diversity so far.» Wow buddy that’s one fucking huge rock you’ve been living under the past year.. also «forced» lmao what about having a mixed cast triggers you so much? I just don’t understand how it’s frustrating, like are you annoyed that the agenda isn’t mainly white guys only? having difficulty fathoming the issue here.

    • brievolz84:

      «In addition, you would expect most human protags in video games to be white males, simply because that’s what the majority of video game consumers are. I’m not saying it has to be like that, just trying to provide some understanding to you as to why things had been like that for a while.»

      That is so patently false that it’s beyond illogical. There have been studies and polls taken and which the statistics show that the gamer population is roughly even in terms of Men vs. Women percentages. Because of that data, game publishers and studios, who run a business, see an marginally untapped market. So businesses do what businesses always do and pivot to include that potential market.

    • Dangerous Joy:

      I’ve not seen one person scared or angry about more forced diversity so far.
      At most, frustrated or a bit flustered, but that’s about it.

      Maybe scared and angry is something y’all are projecting?
      I mean, seeing as diversity isn’t as popular a concept as y’all were hoping it would be.

      In addition, you would expect most human protags in video games to be white males, simply because that’s what the majority of video game consumers are.
      I’m not saying it has to be like that, just trying to provide some understanding to you as to why things had been like that for a while.

    • Dangerous Joy:

      >he’s english
      Well that explains it.
      Sorry I called you an SJW, I know you’ve got no choice but to defend them in your police state, so you don’t get arrested for saying mean words on the internet.

    • BeyondTheAverageFilm:

      Well allot of y’all are sure as hell acting scared & angry but that’s a new take.. representation is «annoying» lmao okay honey do you I guess…

  10. Space Music:

    2:40 what shame, this was written by the guy who did Mafia 2 and Spec Ops The Line ?

    • SpartanGerm 212:

      XDKX101 Operation cinder existed before the game in comics and books. It was actually quite well written. Much better than the gam’s bullshit reason. While in the game, they talk about how it’ll spread fear and authority across the galaxy, the book’s reason was far more sinister. Basically, palpatine said that if he dies, the Empire has failed its role to protect him and does not deserve to live. He orders loyal and fanatical leaders in the Empire to start destroying itself.

    • BloodMoonSplicer:

      Not entirely true. He was one of the writers, the other writer is a former ign editor and feminist Mitch Dyer. I’m guessing he had a say in how things went down too.

  11. A Generic Name:

    The game is extremely underwhelming but god damn does it look gorgeous. If only they spent that much effort for the actual gameplay and not focus on shitty business practices

  12. TheWildbill247:

    ggg mentioned it himself..

    This ain’t a game for casuals,
    hmm now that you put it like that it doesn’t sound such a bad game.

    • Ethan Appleby:

      The majority of gamers are kids with their parents paying for loot boxes? What? Not at all. You’ve got battlefield 1, angels fall first (albeit in early access) and Planetside 2 to name a few off the top of my head.

    • TheWildbill247:

      Guess what francis news flash the majority of games are, like I said name me an alternative to this game in the same genre of massive multiplayer shooter atm??

    • Francis Lara:

      I think you realize too that a majority of people playing are adults and not teens or kids with time on their hands. This was made for kids with 8hrs+ to play, and parents paying for their boxes

    • TheWildbill247:

      and I just quickly throw this out there to the man of ‘facts’

      If I want to play a massive multiplayer shooter right now what games are significantly better than SWBF2 that have been released in the past couple years??

  13. DCRNC:

    Did he really down rate the game for not making the female as good looking as real life?? Okay. Clearly just trying to find anything negative to say. Not saying the game is great but get real man.

  14. The Free:D Project:

    I swear I knew something wasn’t right when they announced all DLC would be free — I always felt like there was a catch and I guess we all figured it out. EA was betting on us all to play the game, enjoy future updates and sing the games praises only for the progression system and micro-transactions to arse everything up. Wolf in sheeps clothing, anyone?

  15. KevinMac96:

    I’ve seen dozens of videos and reviews which talk about the Loot Crates and Upgrading system, and I still would not be able to explain it to someone sitting next to me. It is the biggest mess of a system I have ever witnessed in a AAA multiplayer game :/

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