Slothsquadron’s CS:GO Weapon Mod Explained

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               Скачать CS GO 1.6  !!!


  • Установлены боты;
  • Новое стильное оформление;
  • Игровые иконки изменены;
  • Новые модели оружия;
  • Новые модели игроков;
  • Стоит защита клиента;
  • Русский чат и русские ники.


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  • В этом моде вы найдете абсолютно полный список оружия для cs go css v.2;












    Скачать CS GO 1.6 РУССКИЙ СПЕЦНАЗ:Диск.txt        

    Скачать CS GO 1.6 РУССКИЙ СПЕЦНАЗ  !!!


  • Новая версия 2018 с новыми текстурами;
  • Полностью русифицирована;
  • Заменены все модели оружия и игроков;
  • Изменен интерфейс;
  • Русские звуки, чат и ники;
  • Надежная защита от изменений;
  • Установлены боты;









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In short: Slothsquadron's weapon balance mod, which changes almost every weapon in CSGO in some way.

See the short summary video here:
See the installation guide here:

0:00 — Intro and weapon script files
0:55 — To improve questionable weapon design
2:06 — Improve balance between guns but keeping it 'CSGO'
2:59 — To make guns more intuitive to use by following set rules
3:57 — Pistols
5:17 — Rifles
5:47 — Snipers
6:29 — SMGs
6:46 — Shotguns
7:34 — LMGs
8:01 — Zeus
8:12 — History of the guns and purpose of the mod

Visit the subreddit below:

Find out more about this mod here:

Check out my channels:
● 3kliksphilip:
● 2kliksphilip:
● kliksphilip:

Other information you might like:
● Website:
● Twitter:
● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.


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комментариев 87

  1. Horizons:

    Launders should make a video regarding his thoughts on these changes.

  2. Brendan Weave:

    This is incredible, Valve should seriously hire that dude.

  3. Schleck re:


  4. Emerson Boyett:

    im scared that if I practice this amazing mod, Ill get used to it and do really bad when i go back to regular csgo

    • Speedster McArt:

      Golem215 ahahahahahah no

    • David Livermore:

      +AwesomeGamer I forget what the name of the video is but if you search cs go weapon precision on youtube you should find it. Basically a dude fired like 1000 shots at a bot’s head using a macro and while aiming dead center at the head to see what each gun’s accuracy was at different ranges. 

    • fesdgjvjioesioudhfTV:

      Emerson Boyett I have a feeling that even if they watch the video they will add more gun sounds, they might as well call CS:GO ‘gun sounds simulator’

  5. Shea!:

    How many bots were sacrificed to make this video?

  6. Elitist Prince Dizzy:

    I know this is not a forum but since the amount of PPL making threads on the official CSGO is insane there’s like 1000 new threads every mins, so I’ll ask here… 


    Is there any commands I can use???

    • Elitist Prince Dizzy:

      +UglyTomato Fruit yeah TDM… i usually warm up for 10-20 mins before jump into competitive mode

    • Elitist Prince Dizzy:

      +UglyTomato Fruit nope that’s not it… I messed and tweaked all volume options there and still nothing… turning down the master volume is not good cause i cant hear footsteps

  7. JFJ:

    Philip, this is a mod. this has no effect on the real game. why are you saying that «it will be neat to see people change their style.»


    The M249’s model looks so freaky. Maybe it’s the arm hanging off of the bottom of it.

  9. Ernst The Ace:

    Now that the M4A1-S has more dropoff than the A4, taking the silencer off should reduce the damage dropoff, and increase penetration power, but also increase recoil. (Accuracy should stay the same in both modes though.)

    • SirLevi:

      Except that makes no sense. Having a supressor in real life gives you a longer barrel, marginally increases bullet velocity. If anything, the silencer should reduce damage dropoff.

    • Georgebad:

      What-NO! real silencers have more «penetration power» than without it since the bullet has more time to get boosted from inside the gun. And also, it has less «damage dropoff» since, again, the longer barrel help the bullet go further and faster.

    • Spartan Studios:

      Ernst The Ace Fun fact
      They actually
      Increase velocity and range
      Because the barrel is longer

  10. The Boi:

    I love how a fan in a year balanced CS:GO more than valve in 4

  11. Platinum Nath:

    Imagine the Zeus taser gun haves a clip of 100 shots

  12. Mohammed Humadi:

    Valve needs a poll for every one of these changes and needs to decide which ones are a higher priority than the rest, because I doubt they’d introduce all of these at once. Many would get confused, and I’m sure, knowing the csgo community, a lot of people originally wanting these changes will cry out for a reversion.

    • TheUnequalBroadcast:

      +LegitAce ScreaM was a good player, sure, but he was extremely inconsistent. He was only good on certain occasions.

      Look at other players like f0rest, shoxie or even paszaBiceps, all 3 of those players resort to spraying in close-mid quarter combat as opposed to tapping.

    • Grimmer:

      +TheUnequalBroadcast Try to spray me on this mod please from pit when I’m on site. Also taps don’t work as they should in vanilla cs go.
      Good spray player need to only know how to use his one hand. Tapper have to be skilled in 2 diferent part of game — aiming and movement. As you point out — now spraying > tapping and this is very bad IMO cause more skilled playstyle is less rewarded by game.

    • Red of the Roo:

      I feel it would be very refreshing after so long with the current settings it would be like a new game, change it up, keeping it interesting

    • Polis Ranger:

      +TheUnequalBroadcast Tapping has a higher skill ceiling than spray, look at ScreaM for example, he was a god before the tagging update, he’s still good, but his play-style has been hindered by the tagging update, making spray more viable to tapping.

    • Polis Ranger:

      +TheUnequalBroadcast That’s because the recent update made spray far more superior to tapping, if the player hits one bullet of their spray on you, you’re dead, you can’t move out of it. 

  13. SureshotCSGO:

    I love them

  14. 仮面 Kamen:

    I’m early got to make a joke…
    Cz users ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. AngryApple:

    This and 128 Ticks in MM and CSGO is nearly perfect I think.

    • SergioRC The Gamer:

      64 tick does make sense,csgo is a TEAM BASED GAME, so with 64 ticks is actually better because you start to actually play the game using tactics and not just on your aim and recoil control

    • ScopedPewPew:

      +Michael Wilkin Lol. I have not had one instance in CSGO where I’ve shot somebody and it didn’t register. These are no longer the days of 1999 on 56k modems. Whether its 64 tick or 128 tick you’ll still be fucking trash.

    • Michael Wilkin:

      +ScopedPewPew If you havnt had a single instance where a shot didnt register then you have never played this game, or you’re straight up lying. And again I never said 64 tick will make a trash player an amazing player, it just makes your shots register more often, and quicker. It doesn’t make you a better player it just makes the game feel better, more responsive, like youre actually seeing what you should be. Not to mention bunnyhopping

    • ScopedPewPew:

      +Michael Wilkin But the servers really aren’t that shitty at all. STop being a fucking emotional whiner. Go back to reddit, there’s plenty of room for you there.

  16. 404waffles -:

    so this is like, project m global offensive? project 1.6?

  17. Niner:

    Valve is so autistic they should just take this guys work and make it into the game but give him credit and fix csgo one shot out but no they want more money

  18. syphilis:

    all I want to see is 1st shot being perfectly accurate

  19. randomserb:

    I already adore the SG, it’s even more of a beast now 😀

  20. Leander Thorstad:

    Pls volvo

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