Rolling a Reliant Robin — Top Gear — BBC

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Jeremy takes the extreme sport of Reliant Robin rolling to the streets of Barnsley, aided by a string of celebrities who just happen to be on hand to help keep the fabled three-wheeler upright.

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комментариев 99

  1. Your Average American:

    I laughed harder at the first 10 seconds of this video than the ENTIRE first episode of the new top gear season.

  2. Derangedteddy:

    This is, without a doubt, the funniest Top Gear skit of all time.

  3. AlphA NeoX:

    «They see me rollin’, they laughing»

  4. Unit23OnPatrol:

    Mr Bean brought me here 😀

  5. Chris Knight:

    I remember i cried laughing when i first saw this. They have cut the end bit from this when he ploughs accross a cricket field while a match is taking place ?

  6. ThePlamzJoker:

    Driving an ambulance in GTA games.

  7. IkusaTakuma:

    The reliant robin is a great vehicle, it has 40 horsepower yet is scarier to drive then a car with 400 horsepower.

  8. Pyro Gear:

    Whoa, it’s that car Mr. Bean always runs over, had no idea it was a real thing


    This is EXACTLY what driving a Reliant in Forza Horizon 3 is going to be like lmao

  10. pjamese3:

    No way Chris Evans is going to match this kind of stuff.

    • Xaines:

      +motoring enthusiast 88 Jfc dude just read what I typed… You dont have to explode into a ball of fiery rage because I asked a question.

    • Xaines:

      1. If you like cars on an emotional level I recommend watching the new Top Gear. (I wasnt responding to you, but of motoring enthusiast)

      2. Its elitist in the fact that he refuses to watch a show just because they arent the same presenters, and its blatantly obvious its in spite of not having Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

      3. The dates dont matter? I responded to your last comment on the same day you posted it… What are you referring to?

      Evans resigned because the people hated him and kept bashing him alone, and I agree with the vast majority of the viewers. I dont like Evans, but I like the rest of the cast. (Doesnt mean I dont feel bad for Evans)

      How do I think the new TG compares to the old? I’ve seen every episode of old TG at least 3 times over, It is 3rd in my top 3 shows. (Behind a show dear to my heart and behind Game of Thrones)

      The thing is, that new Top Gear is a different show in terms of how the majority of people enjoyed it. The vast majority of everyone watched for the trio, including me, and the car info/news was just a bonus in all our passions.

      If you watched it for the trio, then enjoy the Grand Tour. If you watched it for the motoring, then enjoy the new Top Gear. But if you’re like me and watched it for both, then watch both the Grand Tour and Top Gear. Having more than one show that you enjoy to watch is only a good thing for consumers is it not?

      (*Apologies for much text*)

    • Xaines:

      +motoring enthusiast 88 Stop being so elitist. Evans isnt part of Top Gear anymore and he was the reason for the drops, as well as spite, Leblanc is great fun, Harris and Reid really hit the nail on the head with passion in their reviews, and Sabine is THE German and racing driver,

      Its a great mix, start actually watching it rather than bashing it out of spite.

  11. tornadohand:

    GF: Babe, come over
    Me: I have Reliant Robin
    GF: My parents aren’t home
    Me: 3:14

  12. LulzRoyce:

    «Ah, thats a useful feature» XD

  13. FrogLungs:

    3:14 that’s the ONLY way to pull up to a car meet

  14. Michael Benedict:

    I forgot how funny this show was

  15. Dini shire Ahmed Shire:

    I always knew the Reliant as the car Mr. Bean always liked to bully. Ramming it with his Mini till it tips over lol.

  16. WTFOOL:

    When i see these cars i can’t unsee the blue reliant in Mr. Bean.

  17. Punished Shia:

    why is this car not in GTA 5?

  18. Dr Galactose:

    Just a though, what if we replace every car in Mad Max with Reliant Robin…what would happen?

  19. MCFCRuss Brown:

    with that helmet on he looks like a fat kid with his face trapped in between some elevator doors

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