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Ninety9Lives — Music to keep you playing
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Rio Vegas & FINNALE — Fire
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комментария 42

  1. chilly squash:

    this song is awesome. good job to ean and the rest of ninety9 lives. keep dropping hits like this and youll be up their with bieber in no time. good luck

  2. Paul Smith:

    Congrats on 1000000 subs.

    Keep spitting fire tracks :D. ?
    (get it)

  3. Delano Latupeirissa:

    This song was by The Imitator Collab Tribute Round 2 ?

  4. Austin Gore Gore:

    when a songs called fire you know it’s good

  5. Nitr0Gaming:

    I just noticed the robot’s gun hand lights up to the music

    • crokotron:

      no its not a coincidence, they do stuff with the lighting almost every «life» (im not calling em almbums due to the fact they are 99lives, they started at 99 and they are counting down, etc.) started with life 98, «rage quit» (the robots cannon fires internal glow effect pulses in time to the music) and is somewhere in all their albums this far.

    • Nitr0Gaming:

      Or is that just a coincidence?

  6. Jolan Hutchinson:

    This song is pretty «lit» fam


  7. AceFlamez:

    This Is *PERFECT* For My Channel!

  8. Iron Pikachu:

    This song is so ‘Fire’! Ahhhh! ?

  9. *Gaming With Andrew *:


  10. bbcomics:

    WE HIT 1,000,000 ROBOTS!!!

  11. TheEnderScott:

    I guess you could say that this mixtape is…


  12. Cody 123:

    yay 1 million subscribers

  13. Rookie Eleven:

    this song is «LIT!»

  14. Zip Code:

    950000 kids from minecraft lets play channels. 50k from people who actually care about what the music is

  15. TheGameCrafterKing:

    900,000 subscribers are for minecraft and the other 100,000 came here for music

  16. Only1Gamer Live:

    If I link this channel in the description of my videos, can I use them for when I do a timelapses on Minecraft?

  17. Legendary Thief Zelnite:

    «Feel the Burn»-2016

    idk 😛

  18. Kevin Espinosa:

    You could say… This beat is lit

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