Resident Evil 7: Biohazard — Game Review

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Chris Stuckmann
P.O. Box 1028
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Chris Stuckmann reviews Resident Evil 7: Biohazard!

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  1. SpeedyGaming:

    Who played the original Resident Evil on PlayStation? ?

  2. TheSwedishTraveler:

    Maybe do a series reviewing the Resident Evil series?

  3. Jody's Corner:

    thumbs up my brotha from anotha motha!

  4. Vol deMort:

    Most dissappointing part of the game is….NO Leon Kennedy,

  5. chris voges:

    dnt wanna pay 60 dollars for a 9 hour game anymore

  6. José Pablo C. Sánchez:

    So, I guess Resident Evil 8 and 9 are going to be first-person survival horror games too.
    1, 2 and 3: Dungeon crawlers-esque survival horror games, geez.
    4, 5 and 6: Third-person shooters.

  7. Teemu Laine:

    What is this, some kind of a…Ummm…Damn i had something for this.

  8. Ben Slashes:

    The game seems to be good, but for me it doesnt feel like a Resident Evil game ?

    • Titan1930:

      Actually when you are playin it feels like the old games but in 1st person perspective

    • bookcoda:

      it hasn’t felt like resident evil for a decade this game was great on its own merits without that connection.
      (the moment for me where i was done with the series was when i came back for either the 5th or 6th one at the start you go into a room with obvious zombie bodies on the floor planning ahead i head shot all 3 bodies with no reaction from the bodies walking over to the objective getting a card i hear noises and all three bodies that i had just head shot stood up i easily one shot head shot them then putting down the controller and uninstalling the game.)
      Just an exaple of why Re7 is soo good. i am in a boss fight with the father (boss) i die on my first attempt as he runs me down with a that i tried to escape in (car in the middle of the garage) im fighting him in in the second attempt i ignore escaping with the car shooting and stabbing as he chases me after i am almost out of ammo he grabs the keys and gets in the car beginning to do circles in the car trying to run me down. As he tries i repeatedly stab him in the face making him crash the car into metal piping impaling himself freaked out but proud i am able to leave. i let my dad try playing the beginning of the game when he gets to the fight i tell him to run to the cabinet to grab the keys to prevent the boss from getting in the car dad discovers that you can use the keys to get in the car he does and without ever firing a shot kills the boss in a completely different way then i had.

    • raz well:

      Ben Slashes My favourite REs are Resident Evil Remake Hd Remaster, Resident Evil Zero Remaster, and Resident Evil 1-3 and I can tell the 100% that this does feel like a Resident Evil game. It’s excellent, and scary as hell. That being said I do prefer the pre rendered backgrounds and fixed cameras which I hope they do with the RE2 remake.

    • 149CreepingDeath08:

      Well thats probably because it was a good game

    • Kamui Ruketsu:

      I want to know what exactly constitutes as being like silent hills? it’s not even a game, it was just walking with no actual mechanics, yes it was scary and cool looking but it could hardly be called a interactive experience cause you couldn’t really impact much of what happened in that game other than following the very specific guidelines in place to progress which were as simple as «look at this thing»

  9. The Weeknd Fan:

    What Are We, Some Kind Of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard?

  10. Fictionate:

    Maybe review uncharted 4??

  11. Vathek:

    The first game to truly capture the idea being in a horror movie.

    • paulTHEboss:

      Didn’t age well gameplay wise though. Atmosphere is still top notch but it feels really damn clunky nowadays.

    • Eric Cartman:

      I do not care what you say, I do not care what steam says, asking me to complete the game on Madhous difficulty.
      You who have played the game know what I am talking about.

    • ArktikVixen & MadWolf:

      Doom 3 was the first horror game that really put me on edge. It wasn’t until I played RE remake on Gamecube when I dealt with the Crimson Heads and Lisa Trevor that made me feel creeped out and even scared playing any Resident Evil game. Sadly, RE7 doesn’t bring back that experience for me, I just get annoyed with the Bakers.
      -Mad Wolf

    • Oludunsin Olabinjo:

      Dead Space?

    • Benjamin Liu:

      And RE 2 is a perfect disaster film.

  12. Dignora Gonzalez:

    You should make a video in which you recommend us the video games we should play, especially if we’re new to video games but really want to get into them. It would be very helpful.

  13. It's a trap!:

    Why can’t they make a good movie based on the first game? Just lift the characters and story from the first game. Two squads of S.T.A.R.S. go investigate a mansion where there’s more than meets the eye. The main characters would be Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca, and Wesker. Don’t do crazy action like the current movies, but make it more grounded and gritty. There you go a great action horror movie.

  14. Vincent Divine:

    You were almost a Jill sandwich

  15. lucas10516:

    I just played this game and I have to say that it’s pretty damn good!

  16. Joostin Kookel:

    Resident Evil 5 is not a game you just «skip» over, it marks a chapter in utilizing what resident evil 4 did right, but on a new more powerful operating system, with coop integrated throughout the whole campaign. It is a good game that has a lot of solid gameplay hours.

    • Bronson:

      I really liked Resident Evil 5. It wasn’t scary at all, but it was A LOT of fun. And it was made for co-op, but it’s manageable in single player. (Never had a problem with Sheva’s AI tbh).

  17. Eric Rice:

    I know it’s not your thing…but you should do some lets plays.

  18. Channel for comments:


  19. Red Robin:

    Still waiting for your thoughts on MGSV

    • Kenshin Himura:

      That came out fall 2015. I don’t think he’s going to review it.

    • joeyxl3456:

      no i didn’t finish it. i was all pumped up to play this »amazing» game or so i was told all over the place. and then a few hours in i was running around a base in the desert getting shot 30 times and still not dying. i couldn’t believe how bad it was and i turned it off then and there and never came back. hey if people enjoy it cool for them but i felt let down thats all.

    • Ben Slashes:

      joeyxl3456 but you have finished the game?
      i have Mixed Feelings about the game.
      i Love the Gameplay and the open World, but the Story is….just bad.

    • joeyxl3456:

      he’s not the only one who was completely disappointed by MGS5. every review and everyone was saying this was a masterpiece……and then i played it. sigh.

    • Ben Slashes:

      Red Robin how can he as Fan not finish the game? the story is weak but the game is great. oO.

  20. IMDRanged:

    Did you try it with PS VR? I am glad of the positive reviews for this game as a great way to stick it to Konami for ruining Silent Hill IP with pachinko.

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