Predynastic Egypt Review — Great Game for Civilization & History Fans

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Predynastic Egypt review. My review of the simple yet very good strategy game Predynastic Egypt. It was called "Pre-Civilisation Egypt" at the time of the review.

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  1. AgingJedi:

    Hi guys, this game was called Pre-Civilisation Egypt at the time of the review and seems to have been renamed Predynastic Egypt. Still a pretty decent game!

  2. RanhothChord:

    found the game on the steam sale and then found this review when i tried to find out more information about the game. very in-depth! thank you 😀

  3. Maddog3060:

    When I look at this video the theme to the original Civilization plays in my head.

  4. Spaß Trompete:

    Please keep up with it it looks good I’m busy with civ 6 at the moment but I keep watching you and keep it in mind

    • Spaß Trompete:

      AgingJedi I think it will be one of those s game where you I love it or you hate it.

      It have lots of new stuff what make each game different and more interesting.

      The civics what give your card to give your bonuses has to be careful think off lots of time change depending what are you doing.

      With the districts you now can even better specialising your town.

      I love it and I highly recommend it but not everyone like this changes.

      If you give it a shot let me know and we could do a multiplayer round where I can show lots of stuff what I love:-) on this game.

    • AgingJedi:

      What you do think of Civ6?

  5. WhosYourDaddyNow:

    Will we also get a Civ 6 review then?
    I also love the Civ series, but I’m torn if Civ 6 is worth it as, although i LOVED Civ 4 & 5, Beyond Earth was disappointing…

    • WhosYourDaddyNow:

      +AgingJedi Car service comes first of course! 🙂 Thanks for the info, looking forward to a review of Civ 6, if and whenever it comes! Cheers!

    • AgingJedi:

      Civ 4 is possibly my all-time most played game thanks to the multiplayer modes. I’d love to buy review Civ 6 but will need to wait and see how much I have to spend getting my car serviced this week! But from what I’ve heard about it, its an overall improvement on Civ 5.


    Pre-Civilization Egypt Review — One for the Civ/History Fans? Ok, Pharaoh’nuff.

  7. The Macker:

    Very interesting and great review. Thanks for the variety.

  8. Yifan Chen:

    Great videos! Civ is a great game!

  9. JuhaEerikki:

    Hey J, do videos about the new civ 6 pls.

    • AgingJedi:

      If I had a copy I surely would! I was hoping to pick it up but its been an expensive month and I need to get my car serviced next week — which could be a tale of unkown and expensive horrors!

  10. Ahmed Ezz:

    Great review . I like the game and i am Egyptian.

  11. Dugi:

    Huge fan here too, nice video 🙂

  12. Mukade Wolf:

    dear sir jedi I would kindly request you to create a video on how to deal with world of tank players whom harassing and insulting low tiered players since I encountered three players whom discriminated me as a Filipino player there names are bluck90 whiskey0 and Fulgur

  13. ghostsy:

    Looks great this game. And great vid as always

  14. Matt Sickle:

    The art direction on this game is very impressive. A lot more character than many other high budget titles.

  15. World Of Staline:

    i love this kind of games to but not like this, i prefer games where you have to fight and in the same time build ur city ( i mean like Rome Total War, RTW barbarian invasion and RTW shogun )
    and to be honest i don’t realy like to see gamplays of that kind of games because you know it takes a lot of time to play them and it takes even more time to watch gamplays so i will not realy push you on this way but this is ur channel and you can do what you want with it

    • AgingJedi:

      Don’t worry I don’t intend to produce Lets Play type series of these sort of things. But I plan to do one-off reviews of all sorts of games in the future to either introduce them to my viewers or make my opinion on them heard 🙂

  16. Ghoulin_:

    Your videos are really enjoyable to watch mate! Thanks

  17. My Hentai Girl:

    Still playing Age of Empires 2 😀
    Great to play with friend 😀

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