Pet Review : Monopoly Board Game + 4 lps + 2 accessories!!

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Heyyyyy guysssss!!! So I know I haven't been making videos lately but I have school studies and it's so difficult for me to film and edit my videos and I'm terribly sorry about that guys… Anyway, this video is an other pet review, I got the LPS Monopoly set + 4 more lps + 2 accessories the seller put and I'm so excited!! But guys I wanted to say that in this video and in every pet reviews of mine I'm definitely not trying to brag or show off, I just wanted to show you how excited I was while opening the package and to open it together in camera, but it's not showing off… And sorry if I made you sad or mad, I really didn't mean to… But anyway, this was the video and tell me in the comments if you would like me to make more!! So hope you liked and enjoyed this video and see you pretty soon, byeeeeee…!!! ❤????

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  1. lps SqushyCupcake Productions:

    Cool hehe lucky ???

  2. LPS Bubblegum Pop:

    thats awesome 🙂

  3. LavenderPetShops:

    Amazing vid!

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