PARKOUR TOWER LOOTING — 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Multiplayer Gameplay #41

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Welcome to my 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 series! Alpha 16 has added a ton of new things and we set out to try out all of them in this walkthrough! Leave a like if you're enjoying the 7 days to die alpha 16 content! Enjoy.


PARKOUR TOWER LOOTING — 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Multiplayer Gameplay #41

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комментариев 40

  1. dylan spin:

    I saw the mine because it happened to me 2 i also didn’t expect that

  2. Carlos Z Z:

    That explosion scared the crap out of me

  3. William Davis:

    royal knows where to get the hoes

  4. Fallen Angel Takao:

    u missed a safe behind the table in the corner on the floor in the foreman’s trailer.

  5. Dishong 5116:

    Hey if you scrap sand it makes boomers favorite thing

  6. Corbin:

    Am I the only who about died of laughter when he stepped on the mine? ???

  7. Alexander McLucas:

    Looking for flagstone royal? Top left hand corner in your crate you have like forty something.

  8. Benjamin Elliott:

    we r out of hoes, we scraped all the hoes, lets go into the city and find some hoes????????????????? Yaal Niggas pimps

  9. Fighting Faerie:


  10. Jared Schlabaugh:

    There is a blades skill that u can go up in

  11. BigGameTex:


  12. Fire Keeper:

    девять тысяч шестьсот девяносто третий(9693)

  13. Your Nan:

    Everything royal says from 14 to 14:09 rhymes

  14. Archieonic - Gaming Revolution Community:

    I haven’t played this game in over a year. You just made me want to re-install it. It seems to have developed so much!

  15. rowan kossen:

    To get more melee damage you need to learn bluntweapons

  16. BB:

    When are you going to play ark pvp

  17. Unknown:

    upgrade your blade skill. you can do that by hitting grass (faster way).

  18. TheGamingWolf 33:

    1 like 1 cookie
    1 sub 100 cookies

    Neither no cookies forever

  19. Dalton Hutchison:

    Was it just me or did the overall sound volume seem lower. Might have just been my ears though

  20. DWargs:

    The machete benefits from the Bladed Weapons skill and the Knife Guy perk.

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