NFS: Payback Loot Boxes — Angy R4nt!

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AngyJoe discovers the Loot Boxes and Cards System in the Latest Racing Game from Need For Speed. Our First Reaction follows…
(This is obviously not a full Review, but we are getting sick of this stuff..)

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комментария 62

  1. AngryJoeShow:

    Youtube wouldn’t allow me to put «Angry Rant» in the title without demonetizing my video and requiring manual review so its now Angy R4nts! Also I edited out a section where I explain all the glitches & FPS drops was caused by the game not cooperating with OBS — we switched to Geforce Broadcast just to record/stream and even then it was really poorly optimized the game struggles on PC if you attempt to record or stream it. A Crap PC Port Job. We tested Warhammer II at highest settings and had no problems on my PC so its this game demanding too high of CPU usage, needs a patch or something.

    • Knight Moritz:

      Yes it is. Everything is free for humans on this planet. It is the ruling class who tells us that they own us because everything is expensive. Value is contractual. Big world powers can claim anything, only because they have more firepower. And that’s it. You can’t go somewhere and claim the land, but the government can. Why is that? What is the basis of their claim? Modern world operates on the rule, that people that have alot of something valueless — let’s say dollar bills — can convince you that it has value, and then tell you that only they can provide stuff for you. and without them there would be chaos. The system is rigged for them to win, because they already have the power and valueless items we call money. And yet it gives you the ability to amass money if you know how to play the system. So it gives you an illusion of freedom.

      Let’s take that idea to our known gaming industry.
      A group of guys tells you to pay for their product with stuff that has no value. NO VALUE. And yet they collect this stuff, and telll you that they need more. And on top of that, they tell you to pay the govt a tax… for what? And they will not stop at anything to get what they want. And yet, it is valueless, it gives no benefit except for having higher digits. Especially modern electronic banking shows it. You don’t even see your money most of the time. If you were good at hacking, you can generate that money. They do that all the time, but they have the CLAIM that they have the ORIGINAL money.

    • Lunana Sushistax:

      What if EA and other shitty companies are paying Youtube to target reviewers, especially the ones who scathingly criticized their game like Joe

    • JayCross454:

      Lunana Sushistax well, they can’t attack to hard, otherwise no one will buy their game outright. The community depends on the reviewer and YouTube likes those checks.

    • Knight Moritz:

      They can and will disable both channels or delete them even. It happened before.

  2. Pvt. Duckling:

    So excited for the Battlefront 2 review…

  3. xXSilentAgent47Xx:

    Black Panthaa is supporting this because he’s sponsored by them. Even got free shirt and invites from EA.

    • K.O.D. -:

      Luca Dee stfu you dickrighting motherfucker

    • Felipe 558:

      Luca Dee I agree with you on the part about enjoying the game. I love it and not only because I have played the series since I was small, but because of love the content it delivers. However, with the micro transactions being introduced, this is small compared to other games and I have speculation as to why. Yes they are optional, but the fact that the performance of your car relies on luck will have people wanting more and better than they could have received. It is a test in EA’s eyes to see if transactions will continue in the future and if we fail by buying shipments and they succeed by gaining our money, NFS will most likely be overrun by this in the future for there on in. That’s basically my biggest problem with this game, its introduction of cards(it isn’t even parts like a normal upgrade system would work)

  4. Driftwood Gaming:

    This is the best Angry R4nt ever made. 🙂

  5. Aki Voutilainen:

    I feel sorry for all those children that learn that this is normal thing for games to include 🙁

  6. john j ninja:

    All games with Microtransactions should get a lower score because of it.. Reviewers stand up!

  7. Jan Giurg:

    «Keep playing those odds racer» Literally gambling.

  8. Ty Vad:

    The market needs to crash. It’s as simple as that. But what really is depressing is I don’t think that will happen because there will always be people (Im trying to show restraint by not letting my hate get the best of me) that buy these loot boxes. I always see people spending money on loot boxes. Gambeling gambeling gambeling. The fact that esrb doesnt consider this as gambling is beyond shady.

    • ThETrUeGaMeR96:

      Not really. It needs to crash and have micros as the culprit. The micropocalypse is simply a bubble publishers made. Eventually it will pop.

    • Yammo Yammamoto:

      It needs to be equated to gambling and ANYTHING that has LOOT BOXES that you can (in any way) pay real money to get — needs an instant 18+ year Rating.
      An 18 year age-limit would make EA throw this crap under the bus faster than you can say Feminism.

  9. W P:

    2/10 still to generous

  10. Spartan MKVI:

    Thank god Ubisoft had improved themselves this year and slowly learning their mistakes.
    We had south park the fractured but whole which done well as the first game.
    Mario+Rabbids we predicted that it would be bad but it’s great and the plot is much better than the other Mario games plus the humor is fantastic and hilarious.
    I love for honor honesty, I know you guys would hate this game but the game is amazing though especially the campaign, the multiplayer is fun but the servers needs to improve.
    Rainbow six siege got better after 2 years later. We had lots of free dlc content like new operators and maps plus the player fanbase has increasingly good. Valve you should take notes how rainbow six siege did great updates unlike your CS GO updates, gaben.

    Overall Ubisoft is cleaning their mess unlike Activision and EA. Ubisoft even worked with Nintendo to make Mario+Rabbids and they had successfully made a crossover Nintendo exclusive title. EA and Activision seriously you should look what bad things you had done and try to improve it plus listen to us please or else we will nuke your headquarters soon.

    • Spartan MKVI:

      maxulic I don’t need to purchase those outfit when I got the secret badass isu armor from solving the secret location. In fact I can agree with you

    • maxulic:

      Jordan Vazquez AC Origins indeed has MTs but it doesn’t get in your way at all, it’s mostly cosmetics and when it comes to weapons/shields they are even not that great, you will loot the best gear in the game. And let’s not forget the Nomad’s bazaar that gives a chance to obtain any piece of gear available, including those on the shop, for ingame money. Really, ACO is MTs done right.

    • II DIRECTx II:

      Spartan MKVI Hmm, sorry but I have a bad feeling they well start fucking up again. Sorry, i’m just too burnt from this gaming generation.

    • Spartan MKVI:

      II DIRECTx II why?

    • Spartan MKVI:

      II DIRECTx II I understand what you mean but it’s just your opinion anyway

  11. Heart Puppet:

    «Keep playing those odds racer»… EA’s using straight up gambling terms..They’re not even trying to hide it!

  12. Ihtesham Khan:

    EA is literally the shittiest developer known to the gaming industry now

  13. GavinM91:

    Well that was savage af ! ?

  14. supercormey:

    EA Games
    It’s in the loot box
    EA Games
    Purchase everything

    • SavageRicktator:

      supercormey Not to mention purchase another $100 loot box connecting to our online servers

    • Sean Meyer:

      i am behind you Joe. Its sad how much the games have changed in the last 3 years, I used to think my kids would have really cool games buy the time they grow up to play but lately i don’t think the industry can survive shooting its self in the foot for a fast buck. we as informed gamers need to start something to save whats left of our past time

    • Mubaarak Suleiman:

      U scaring me

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