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My first ever video for NFS Payback and i decided to play around with the fastest car in the game, A Fully Upgraded Koenigsegg!!
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— Xbox Gamertag — Don Joewon Song
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— Outro Music — Keys and Krates — Dreamyness
Frequently asked question —
Are you on PC or XboxOne — Xbox One
Do you use a Controller or Wheel — Xbox Elite Controller
What nationalty are you and where are you from — England, North Yorkshire
What do you use to record videos — Elgato Capture Card HD60
What do you use to edit your video — Power Director 15 Ultra Edition
What do you use to create Thumbnails — Free Website —
How long have you been playing Forza — 8 Years but competetively for 2 Years
Are you really addicted to Biscuits — HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YES!!!!!
What's your dream car? — Toyota GT86 with my Intro livery on it.
What do you drive now — A Dyslexic yet very magical Dolphin called Jeef Jr
Do you work for Playground Games/Turn 10 — No but i really want too 😉

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комментариев 80

  1. Whanau Aotearoa:

    That picnic table tho

  2. SkoZ:

    265mph but guess what… the cops are still faster than you

  3. Harrison Baker:

    Holy that wing omg

  4. MARTINJW25:

    How can u not love the Original Most Wanted?

  5. lauri tuononen:

    That wing. The speedy black man would cream himself.

  6. Josh Bacon:

    Ludicrous speed… *GO!*

  7. Pezza:

    Challenge: win the race in reverse with the regera


    Great video my friend, you made that look easy 🙂


    A Regera with Mustang lights?

  10. Muhluri Nkuna:

    Did you just say MW 2005 isn’t good???

  11. KqwqiiPug:

    To make it lighter that wing should have been cardboard, lightweight and cheap.

    If you took this seriously…

  12. Nissan GT-R:

    Pls do more nfs payback

  13. Sunedosa:

    Strange, since a Koenigsegg Agera RS became the worlds fastest car a few days ago with an avg over 2 runs @ 277,9 miles (one direction 284,8) 265mph just doesn’t feel THAT fast anymore lol

    • Gentleman Reaper:

      The Regera does have a gear, technically two if you count reverse. Koenigsegg had the option of a normal transmission with just the engine, but they found that they saved a lot of weight for similar performance if they went with a single gear and electric motors to help in the low RPMs.

    • Monstructo:

      Regera is limited to 248mph because as its only got one gear, it eventually runs out of rpm to go faster

    • BShen Low:

      ^not exactly right, the wheel is directly driven by engine and that «FDR» still is present. It’s just driven without gearbox. That 2.85:1 is probably the ratio from engine to driveshaft.

    • RandomUser M:

      Carbon let you stretch the gears out far enough that some cars would hit 280+. This game has no excuse really.

  14. Moritz Hartmann:

    Pls how to get the most amount of tokens

  15. Robert Barnes:

    Interested to see the beck custom fully upgraded by comparison

    • Don Joewon Song:

      I already have the Beck ready 🙂
      I also have a Fully Maxed out Drag Pagani/Widebody Huracan/Widebody 918/Widebody Ford GT and a Maxed out GT-R…
      Gonna be fun 🙂

  16. Christian Simoni:

    Haven’t seen the vid yet but i know its gonna be good

  17. Ibrahim Chowdhury:

    It looks a fair bit worse than Forza Horizon 3.

  18. King Pleb:

    Though I’m new I am already kinda amazing at the game

  19. TacoDude08:

    Nice driving dude 😀

    I liked the first Underground more, but i also enjoy the second game, lel

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