NFS 2015 Vs NFS PayBack Nissan GTR Sound Comparison

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Need For Speed 2015 Vs Need For Speed Payback Nissan GTR Sound Comparison Side By Side

Write In Comment below which one is Better Let us know




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комментариев 78

  1. Solgryn:

    Graphics are not very different

  2. Adrian_pty507:

    i like the 2015 because it sound like more strong for me

  3. Utube Teletubby:

    NFS 2015 take the lead in graphics

  4. BlueCJ:

    NFS Payback sounds better to me

  5. WOT Entertainment:

    Payback sounds better

  6. Milton Moreli:


  7. T- Back:

    nice work bro <3 <3 payback more better <3

  8. Noah:

    Do people not realize payback looks way more realistic when it comes to graphics, 2015 is to overbearing, it looks cool, not realistic

  9. edwinsevilla:

    Payback Tail lights are wrong, they put old head lights

  10. Paul knight:

    NFS2015 and NFS Payback Skyline R34? pls 🙂

  11. Aiden Pearce:

    Man the graphics of Need For Speed 2015 are Stunnishing!!! :○ :○

    • Adam Shalabi:

      If you play payback when it’s night time and raining, you will get the same graphics

    • Pogi Suehan:

      Its because its always night and the rain puts a cool touch in 2015 makes everything so shiny and clean theres a mod for day mod in 2015 (made by crowned) apply that and you would know the difference

    • heythereFuckyou:

      I think you mean astonishing mate

    • Aiden Pearce:

      rohan muzafar Are you serious even without rain 2015 is better!!!

    • Synewsho:

      Aiden Pearce Dude how can you not like off-road racing and proper drag races? Also building your own derelict feels amazing when you want it the way to be and just destroy others. But your opinion is your opinion. I guess 2015 was a pretty good game just that ya know the haters are always going to find a way to hate every single game except for the underground series and 05 most wanted.

  12. 匚卄丹れ匕工匚口 YT:

    payback is better but 2015 is way! better with the graphics

  13. The Ghost:

    need for speed 2015 had too much lens flare plus night all the time really all some day in the game ( you can only use mods if you on pc) when you custom cars they barely had widebodys in 2015 but in payback they added more 2015 had a smaller map now in payback the map bigger and open world when you racing with people it be the same thing but lower cash payback has now 74 or i think 75 but 2015 had 20-25 only and cars was littte bit high and selling them was to low for half of cash back

  14. The Owl:

    more people say that 2015 looks better but keep in mind that raining 24/7 and water effect makes everything good

  15. RIV4L X:

    We all know that nfsmw 2005 is always the best nfs game ever

  16. LP-RIPPER24TV:

    Payback FTW

  17. FlyBy-MoDz:

    Most of these people will say Payback is better…This is only because it is a New-release and All of it is hype…Need For Speed 2015 is much better (but not because of this video)…Need for Speed Payback is all hype…IN ALL HONESTY THOUGH, I miss the old need for speed games which didnt follow storylines like Payback where you are doing missions against thugs stealing cars and stuff…Just Crap…They should’ve stuck to Just racing because it defeats the purpose of the whole franchise in itself…

  18. Eliseo Infante:

    Payback sound better

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