NFL/Raider Experts Review Mexico Game | Norton Firing | State Of Team | Broncos Matchup

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комментариев 39

  1. stonedbori840:

    Soo Mrs. Del Rio doesn’t have an issue with Trump being a racist or being overwhelmingly under qualified for the job it’s his vendetta against football that makes her vote regrettable?? Wow. If she voted for him than so did Coach.

  2. L8 Night:

    When are they gonna fix the offense. If the oline so good, the receivers are so and the quarterback is so great, oh yea and Jared cook; why the heck we can’t score?????? Bad play calling that’s why

    • Raider Vic:

      What I don’t understand is why are we asking players to do things they aren’t strong at? Coaches should play to the strength of the players. Instead the coaches have been stubborn and hoping it will one day click. Our season has been over after that game in Washington. The team is divided. The coaches are undisciplined. Our team has no one to lead the way. Carr is a shell of himself and at this rate Mack might be better off somewhere else , as in to not waste his career and for the team to have the draft picks and money to truly rebuild.

    • L8 Night:

      Raider Vic I agree I don’t totally agree with letting ken go because like you said we have a lack of players. I think the defensive backs as a group are bad. Smith was never a good corner. Amerson was inconsistent when he was with the skins. We need more speed, Nelson is good but slow. Joseph in my is overrated,Conley I believe showed some skill in the first few games and maybe a great pickup. As for now the season is over because of a lack of quality db’s and a offensive that can no longer pick up the slack. In order to save the season it would have been better to get a better play caller and keep Ken because it won’t matter with the sorry players we have in the secondary.

    • Dell Jr:

      No exotic schemes and why do we huddle so much. Our opening drive should be scripted as we march down field, same with half-time a second half opening drive should be scripted.
      Everything on this current team as far as play calling is vanilla. We dont have a coaching staff who can scheme and design the XX-OOs, our coaching staff are rah-rah guys.

    • Leon Florence:

      Honestly, if there’s one available, I would draft a running back in the first round or second round. Preferably someone who can carry it 20+ times a game if needed. Running back by committee is a good concept but doesn’t allow anyone to get into a groove in the running game, and that includes the O-line. More importantly though, WE NEED TO CATCH THE DAMN BALL!

    • Raider Vic:

      Leon Florence they said a RB shouldn’t be a high draft pick…said they aren’t worth it. Yeah right! Just ask the cowboys….yes catch the Damn ball!

  3. Josh Reynolds:

    Can someone tell me the 5 people the raiders sighn for free agency

  4. Edmond Casasa:

    Glad they are moving from California! I’m glad to see the gang influence leave our state.

  5. Guillermo Castillo:

    Hey jack del taco is it gonna take u 3 years to realize todd downing sucks as an offensive coordinator then fire him


    Really hope Lynch is cut after the season is over

  7. Paul Dube:

    33-8… ? Bahahahahahahaha!

  8. Jacob Anastas:

    The next to go is the O.C . He’s sucks

    • Raider RickGaming:

      Jacob Anastas they don’t need to fire him. The least raiders can do is to give downing an veteran assistant offensive coach for downing

  9. steven casteel:

    So who had the raider central name first?

  10. konasake Trinh:

    Cooper with butterfingers.

  11. Raider Vic:

    Raiders are expecting a different result yet is stuck doing the same things…over and over. We need to feed the beast , run Lynch more and our receivers need to catch the ball. We need our offense to let a big heavy set of balls hang and just do thier job.

  12. ravenaider:

    This show is not the same without Fallon

  13. Pirate1975:

    Downing will be (should be) fired end of season, too far in to change the playbook anyhow….. let’s kick some Donkey azz!!

  14. Dell Jr:

    Raiders dont deserve to be in the Playoffs, when I watch other good teams play and then I watch our Raiders play it’s night and day and we’re back in the cave, at night, with no fire.

  15. ted cook:

    Ok cool Linda said she regretted voting for Donald Duck GOOD! f Trump!!!!

  16. Leon Florence:

    Reggie Nelson is a cool guy but man he’s gotta go as well. Always behind on the play he really just doesn’t have the athletic ability to play FS anymore

  17. Ryan Thomas:

    The drops by the receivers really is a head scratcher.

  18. Mr. Banks RHOWA NEWS 1:

    Offence coach should have been fired

  19. Mr. Banks RHOWA NEWS 1:

    Hold up she voted for trump wow a white women

    • Immortan Joe:

      Dell Jr exactly, I try to explain this to people but they keep ignoring me or get pissed off.

    • Paul Dube:

      Mr. Banks RHOWA NEWS 1
      All of you niggers are on notice…

    • Dell Jr:

      Since when has it mattered on who votes for who and it’s merging into entertainment/pro-sports?
      See that? It’s part of the Esoteric agenda and the elites have Trump stirring the pot after the elites filled the pot.
      American people of ethnic and actually ALL American citizens need to understand we’re ALL under the attack of the NWO and its Esoteric Agenda.
      We’re living in a hive of propaganda and everything that causes division is pre-planned.

  20. Crazy Ant:

    Libby shaft should shut up…and stay out of the raiders business

    • Raider RickGaming:

      Crazy Ant shes the mayor of Oakland, and she can say whatever she wants about the raiders. You can’t tell someone to stop talking about their team, especially a mayor from that city

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