NEW UPCOMING FEATURES — 7 Days to Die Alpha 16

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комментарий 41

  1. non help able gamer:

    hey meaty can you bring us 7 days news for console cuz we are diferrent than pc please i wanna know cuz we have 7 days but we dont have most stuff that you guys have like a big map tools new stuf hornets we are missing alot so if you could tell us console gamers too about what we get and not get that would be great thatks

  2. Manfs-fan01:

    other types of transportation like boats, cars, trucks, jeeps, etc.

  3. Laurence Stewart:

    PC gets all the love, console a redheaded step child

  4. Josh Mccoy:

    What control is he on

  5. Garfield Beastboy Logan:

    I would love to see sharks in the waters, and other aquatic animals so it can make the game look more realistic, and I’m not saying it doesn’t look realistic it’s just it would be cool seeing aquatic animals such as sharks

  6. Juan4Hire:

    I said hello to a feminist

    Trial starts in a week

  7. Bruce Wayne:

    spears….we need spears… then we can fish

  8. Gollammeister:

    theres gonna be powered traps ? very cool

  9. Drake Brewton:

    when is it coming to ps4?anyone know

  10. BlaZe gaming:

    When will Xbox one get this update

  11. Capon Crunch:


  12. Tony currey:

    When is this coming to console

  13. H Gomes:

    we need npc active

  14. יהונתן ביטון:

    you forgot the trader

  15. Tractorkid 123:

    New guns

  16. TypicalCraft- Minecraft:

    I play split screen on my friends ps4 with him

  17. jan bos:

    i wanna see bandits too meaty !!!

    i would like to see BOATS !!!

  18. Kyle Crumrine:

    How about a water purifier that would be cool with all the water

  19. Рафаэль Кайпкулов:

    Одни американцы!!!

  20. alex johnston:

    Is on ps4

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