[NEW] How To Download 7 Days To Die Alpha 15.1 For FREE on PC

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комментария 42

  1. Free Runner28:

    Does it have virus?

  2. Rhuaridh Jack:

    do i need to downlod steam???

  3. Ziva Games:

    so u can’t go fullscreen?

  4. Merlin Peligroso:

    Do i need to have steam for this, because it doesn’t work for me, it just freezes on loading screen. But i did install 15.2 b6 64 bit. Now i’m trying 15.1 32 bit, i don’t think there will be any difference! If someone can help me with this please?!

  5. TheDanTMG:

    can this work on mac??

  6. Otto Mattiks:

    ending song? sounded dope

  7. Dragonlores4Life :P:

    Your great the game works
    tnx for evrything 🙂

  8. Galch Playz:

    is there a alpha 16 32 bit?

  9. 11Mr_ Shoter11:

    is good thanks

  10. danny gonzalez:

    So the 15.1 is the 32bit version?

  11. Ionici gaming:

    thanks a lot man

  12. louka taktioks:

    hey man i download it from the link but the game cant open cause it only opens with notepad then say its too large for notepad pls select other progamm dont know what to do

  13. The Cactus Man:

    Can you play this with friends?

  14. Eryk72 Pomidor :D:

    this is 15.1 version >:(

  15. Jad Khoudary:

    thanks (3 100% Working

  16. beppe syndream:

    link broken,only spam page….

  17. BlackJack 7000:

    i clicked download but it didnt download

  18. sli ppy:

    jak sie obracam to mnie crashuje

  19. lk lk:

    its been loading for half an hour and the main menu hasnt poped up

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