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комментариев 59

  1. Flamesthatburn331:

    I hope so badly they put a 67 GTO in this game. Such a beautiful car.

  2. Abhiram Singh:

    Two words early access ??

  3. Retarded_moron:

    is it just me that hate cambered out wheels just looks wrong

  4. Bakwards Media:

    They need more lows and 240sx and allow you to change dish

  5. Zombie Food:

    only fags camber cars out

  6. YE SEXI BOI aka. The germerican:

    *Waits patiently for nitpicking comments*

  7. Supacodegames:

    @TC9700Gaming About the whole 4 wheel drum brakes thing, not all cars back in the late 60’s were balls to the wall high horsepower cars so a lot of them actually have 4 wheel drums but discs in the front were a option. For example, I own a 1968 Mustang GT Coupe and it has rear drums and front discs because that is what came in the GT package. My dad has a 1967 Mustang Fastback and he was 4 wheel drums because it was not a necessity on his car since it had a small block 289ci engine instead of say a 325 hp 390ci engine. At least for ford, any car with a big block V8 had to come with discs for safety because it had so much horse power. Hope this clears that up a bit.

  8. Dreadly:

    The tread pattern is backwards. How do game devs for a racing game get something like that wrong?

  9. Jake The Muss:

    I’d straight up slap the owner of this monstrosity, and why is everything «insane» or «amazing» ? Its like its his 1st time seeing some of this stuff. Stop acting so amateur bro, its cringey af. Also where are the blowers???

  10. CallMeMrX:

    That poor Camaro..

  11. avenged death567:

    yay first like

  12. PACamaro11:

    i hate you for putting that exhaust on -.- still love the vids

  13. Jacob bonn:

    is that my dads old car a 67 ss

  14. IamCombustible:


    You underestimate the shitness of GM.

  15. Jose Soriano:

    I hope they have Chevy trucks ??? like if you agree!!

  16. Supra X:

    They better have a Supra or i get a Shoe and slap ghost’s and EA’s asses to the moon

  17. FH3 DR1FTER:

    i hope they add a s14 kouki so bad

  18. Peter Marino:

    I’m hoping for some good ole classic Ford and Mercury

  19. Vlad Tut:

    Нормальную машину превратил в парашу

  20. CREED 77:

    back rim sucks

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