Need for Speed Payback Trailer GTA 5 Remake

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Need for Speed 2017 Payback trailer GTA 5 Remake! Using Rockstar Games GTA V to recreate Ghost Games NFS 2017 reveal trailer! Gameplay of NFS Payback will be uploaded to my channel in the coming week!

Need for Speed Payback (2017) Trailer:
I'll be streaming NFS Gameplay on my Twitch!

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комментария 54

  1. GTA Wise Guy:

    I hope you guys enjoyed it! I’ve barely slept the past 2 days trying to get this out, time for zzzzzzzz ?.
    I’ll be at EA Play in LA next week and uploading gameplay from there!

  2. Need for Speed:

    Took you long enough! Great job ?

  3. TheSLAPTrain:

    Omg man this is so damn good !!! Huge Respect man !! ????

  4. Clever Dragon:

    That is the best remake I have ever seen. Although one question. Wouldn’t the Dominator with a wide body kit be a better car to represent the Ford GT shown in the trailer?

    • Brian KongNam:

      new modded car confirmed.

    • Solomon Carraway:

      KurdRipper well he is the GTAWiseGuy.

    • KurdRipper:

      GTA Wise Guy *That’s very wise move my friend* Excellent work.

    • GTA Wise Guy:

      Clever Dragon thanks! I didn’t recreate every car exactly to what they were and the beauty of GTA means you can do entirely as you please, so I kept it lore friendly and went for a car with a bit more oomph and I felt the Drift Tampa V2 fit perfectly, plus trying to get this out ASAP I was able to change the livery quickly on the V2 as I had the files ready to go from when I was modelling it. Still does the job. Still looks the part ?

    • Cosmin29:

      Clever Dragon and also instead of that rad rod in the drag race the tampa would Be o better choice

  5. hella-flush:

    Looks amazing bro ??

  6. Gabriel Gonzales:

    how did you make this so fast?

  7. ivcars003:

    You made it so quickly ! usually things that are made quickly are bad but you proved me wrong

  8. BigBoyJ 1:

    This guy should work for Rockstar Games, He has insane creativity yo.

  9. Pixeldunkeh:

    You always master it GREAT VIDEO

  10. RobbinRams:

    Better than the NFS trailer amazing!


    oh my god dude, this video got me even more hyped for nfs p.b. good job I had the chills through this whole video??

  12. Firri April:

    you are the god of rockstar editor

  13. Jacellious:

    0:29 holy sh!t,did she just die?lool

    0:48 them pipes tho

  14. CunyMoDz/RNG:

    Realy Nice Bro!

  15. Deniz Can:

    Youre Insane dude!

  16. P4GAM3R:

    You really did a great job keep going ❤️?

  17. Sammy_ 43:

    GTA WISE GUY How do you use more people at once, how is it called the mod?

  18. LoweCase:

    thats sick dude !

  19. Dr. Porkchops:

    This was actually amazing, so close to the original!

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