Need For Speed Payback — The Outlaw’s Rush Final Race + Ending [Hard Difficulty]

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The Outlaw's Rush is the final mission, Chapter 5 finale and race for Need For Speed Payback. Includes all cutscenes and ending. This mission has 3 races, 2 race spec and 1 off-road spec races using an "almost" fully upgraded 900hp Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 race spec [LV396] and Porsche 911 Carrera RS off-road spec [LV272]. Featuring several drivers and references from Most Wanted 2005, ProStreet and The Run. Played with keyboard and manual transmission.

0:06 — Intro cutscene
2:18 — First Race (Evo 9 Race Spec)
8:44 — Second Race & Cutscene (911 Carrera RS Off Road Spec)
15:50 — Final Race vs Lina Navarro's Mclaren P1 (Evo 9 Race Spec)
20:10 — Finish line cutscene and end credits cutscene

Here is what the performance look like in a fully upgraded race spec car.

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  1. Reiji:

    I like how most of us YouTuber cats decided to use the Evo in the end. Did not expect that.

  2. Geometry Dash Kenaz:

    Ghost really need to fix their difficulty settings. I played it on hard but it felt like it was on difficulty even easier than easy

    • Felipe 558:

      I found that to be the opposite reason using under leveled cars. For say I used my runner Audi S5 at 278 for missions requiring 380 and the difficulty was brutal yet I managed to pass it around 2 tries. You CANNOT make mistakes though or you will immediately be outperformed. But once I maxed my 240z to 399 in race, everything was so easy I flowed through the competition. It’s about grind mostly and keeping up with the game I think. I was on hard to be clear.

    • |〉 TARIQ k. 〈|:

      Thomas Magut level 399 evo on hard difficulty
      Over 50 retries and i couldn’t finish first
      Had to switch to medium to actually win

    • |〉 TARIQ k. 〈|:

      The first part is piss easy but the rally part is basically near impossible to beat unless you got lucky with the damn traffic on those tight roads

    • Racing Try Hard:

      Maybe it’s because your cars are at a higher PR than it’s recommended. Mine was about 80-100 PR less than it’s recommendation so I had to change the difficulty to normal.

    • Thomas Magut:

      Which car were you in

  3. Lin Chester:

    Lina: Everyone?

    Cross: EVERYONE!!!

  4. Lin Chester:

    Clifthanger ending.

    next game title?

    Need For Speed The House Strikes Back

    Need For Speed Lina’s Revenge

    Need For Speed Arkwright

  5. Rapidshot Games:

    The music matches well

    • Mailer:

      I am pretty sure the track that plays, from around half in, till the end, during leg 1 is actually a remixed version of one of the original songs from Need For Speed — High Stakes, and that game is old as heck!
      I am actually a little forgiving on EA, because they actually chose a really good song for that part. I got nostalgia from realizing that song was playing.

    • Mailer:

      Yes, I knew I recognized it! This is the song:

      Kallista / Callista by ‘Saki Kaskas’

  6. Rapidshot Games:

    Your driving skills are on point

  7. Lin Chester:

    This has never been about luck

    I dont have friends, I got a family — Tyler Morgan

  8. Intense Daberoni:

    Mitsubishi lancer > any hyper car ?

  9. Gio Abucay:

    5:47 «Beaten the Blacklist? Stumped the Speed King? Ran the Run? Welcome to the Outlaw’s Rush…» No wonder Bull, Cooper, and Denver sound familiar

  10. Andrew Cunningham:

    Can’t believe this is on hard, looks so easy you’re so good

  11. hamdi chami:

    5:53 makes MW 2005, PS and the Run all canon?

  12. Koneko Neko Kun:

    Fast and Furious: Burnout Paradise for Speed is looking good!!

  13. Intense Daberoni:


  14. Bluen Ginez:

    that is one FAST AS FUCC evo

  15. Sean-allan Kandula:

    Guys do you think that’s Cooper that we all know? look at the enemy racers name. There’s also someone named Bull

  16. John Carlo Estalani:

    Damn, we special featuring reference:
    1: Bull from the Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
    2: Ryan Cooper and Nate Denver from the Need for Speed: ProStreet.
    3: 4 Racers from the Need for Speed: The Run.

  17. Wolf B:

    House brings in enforcers, they can’t even catch up to you. Hahaha

  18. Lee anthony Del mundo:


    Wait a minute, did the Curator just broke the fourth wall?

    • DemonCatz Random:

      Ivan Veselov mac asking about if his hacked data included his browsing history.

    • Ivan Veselov:

      there was plenty of references throughout the game (donation from WolfTFK during race with Nova, Aki Kimura and Noise Bomb also Mac was mentioning Ryan Cooper, Cross in one of the Jess missions, also this and racers’ names, there might be more but cant remember them all)

    • Ali Mahil:

      Lee anthony Del mundo More like connect the games together

  19. Arnav Sinha:

    Great stuff! Could you make videos on Midnight Club 3 or LA?

  20. Hector Ovalle:

    Lg pay well to EA for published the lg g6
    Its the smartphone of lina

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