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this footage was stolen, thx
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комментариев 98

  1. Deoxide:


  2. ReboyGTR:

    *I want the S13!*

  3. Kryotix_YTP:

    Ummm, theo, there isn’t any 4GB edition for the GTX1060. it’s only 3GB or 6GB

    • Meister Wald:

      @Smeltie — trapster cze trolled you good

    • UltimateSimulation:

      IMPORTANT: the reason he said 4gb 1060 is because that’s what THE DEVS SAID THEMSELVES. If you google nfs payback system requirements, every result will say 1060 4gb.

    • Smeltie:

      Catsmeowproduct Gaming nee zou je denken 😉 hoe zou ik anders nfs spelen ik ga alleen de username niet zo hierin gooien eil mn acc beetje prive houden en als ik hem zo zou gooien in de chat is het risky

    • Catsmeowproduct Gaming:

      Smeltie ja hahahha heb je origin

    • Smeltie:

      Catsmeowproduct Gaming ow haha nee dan zit je indd wel goed mischien de settings een mix van medium/high maar volgens mij zou je het indd dan gewoon prima moeten kunnen spelen. (Leuk om eens nederlanders tegen te komen)

  4. Takumi Fujiwara:

    I want a Skyline!
    **buys an M3**

    I want a Skyline!
    **buys an RS4**

    I want a Skyline!
    **buys an RCF**


  5. Hassan Khan:

    I don’t really like the R34, but with that bodykit, it looks a lot better than many modern super cars today including Nissan’s own R35.

  6. Bryan Lim:

    Why are all the recommended videos toy car reviews?

  7. Nick Crompton:

    looks like the airport from mw 2012 with jumps ;).Edit: they already hav jumps

  8. Linken Sphere:

    Im so F’in hyped!!

  9. Logic-Films:

    Saw that jump in the beginning, instantly not wanna get this game anymore..

  10. Tomi Vuori:

    1:02 I think its a Z tune body kit

  11. e_ye:

    yo the speedy black man with the speedy upl0ads

  12. KingJulious:

    I wish they had cockpit view

    • Jxdrift97:

      War Lock no prob brob

    • Skyruh _:

      Gael Griffith The crew has cockpit view and it aint no emulator too dumbass

    • War Lock:

      +Jxdrift97 MY bad it really did look like you were referring to me lol my apologies

    • Jxdrift97:

      War Lock first off I wasn’t talking to you but since you started this little conversation Im going to end it. I was simply stating that NFS games from back in the day had interior options. that other guy said that the only game that had the 1st person camera was shift which I’m saying that there were way more games than shift that had this. It was never a big deal to me I’m just saying that it would be cool to have one in payback.

    • gochipurself:

      KingJulious I’m still wondering why they’re not putting it in every game I’m hoping please put cockpit in they never do

  13. Enzo:

    NFS Payback looks so GOOD

  14. Jack Dren:


  15. I Upload Random Stuff:

    1. The car still sounds like the one in NFS 2015.

    2. What’s with the indicators turning on when you bump the car? Why is that a thing in NFS?

  16. Olsen de Jesús:

    I desperately want to time travel to November now.

  17. Meido:

    The Skyline sound is still a bit weak with them just re-using the NFS 2015 Skyline sound. I wish we could add on an HKS Exhaust to make it sound much better.

  18. rudi_mark25:

    Theo you are not black,you’re brown✋?

  19. nuculearpancake17:


  20. CMP - Canal Max Power:

    6:45 That’s everything you need to know to get up to speed on the Need for Speed Payback.

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