Need for Speed Payback Review

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Need for Speed Payback is one step forwards and two steps back for EA's 23-year- old racing series.

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комментариев 90

  1. Hardcore Panda:

    I am everyone, I am no one.

  2. jesse arbogast:

    >Complains about having to work to unlock a specific part
    >Gives NFS most wanted 2012 a 9

  3. DiZzY:

    Comparing this game to NFS 2015 :
    +Better physics
    +More cars
    +More customization
    +Bigger map
    +Progression way better in this game (Subjective)
    +Pause Button
    +Better and longer story (Subjective)
    +Day-Night cycle
    +»Disable Break To Drift»

    -Graphics look worse
    -No multiplayer freeroam
    -No cops in freeroam
    -The spin to win thing (I guess this is where the name «Fortune Valley» came from)
    -Car classes (Subjective)

  4. Parker Hammack:

    Didn’t these people give a 9 to Most Wanted 2012..?

    • Mehmet T. Bakkal:

      Little Light no, its fun.

    • TheVigilante:

      NFS MW2 was considered as a BP sequel, and it was perhaps a really good spiritual successor. NFS Payback tried to be like the old games, it did succeed in many cases but it failed on the rest. The most major one is the lack of cops in free roam. BS. NFS is ruined. This review is perfect

    • Tiby:

      they gave Most wanted 2012 9 out of 10? and they gave 5.9 to Payback? I don’t know what to say

  5. Akash Charan:

    No offense to ign but how came this game got less score then no mans sky ???

  6. Whyatt Charlie:

    That’s one sexy car! ?

  7. DEATHpool 278:

    Oh so NOW they bash microtransactions. Cod ww2 review is coming soon, and it has microtransactions too, but its cod so its guarenteed to get at least a 7 or an 8

  8. |〉 TARIQ k. 〈|:

    20 hours into the game
    Faced ZERO issues with the upgrade system
    in fact, i find it to be so much better than 2015’s shitty linear system
    You actually now have a reason to use low end and mid range parts
    Unlike 2015 where you could just buy the best parts right away because everything else is basically useless in comparison and it makes the game’s lifespan so much shorter

    The game is an easy 9/10 for me . Enjoyed every single second of it so far

    • zombags NL:

      |〉 TARIQ k. 〈| im not gett’n it…. freaking speed cards for performance you kidding me ?
      I ain’t gonna buy cards for a car i want turbos-ecu-intercoolers-tires etc etc …..another no go for me
      Btw i m not hating, bit c’mon imo there weren’t even trying(developers) …again

    • Harrison Seymour:

      Ziah.954 me too. I would love to see online freeroam. That would make this game perfect for me.

    • GTA DRIFT:

      It took me like 20 hours to complete this game and its the longest game i have ever played and its the best and there is still so much to do like building derelicts and completing activities and buying all the cars and max out the cars level

    • Jack Z:

      |〉 TARIQ k. 〈| only issue is Mac that Brit talks too much

  9. Raga Vendran:

    So,you don’t want to the challenges to get customisation parts?This just encourages you to drive more……Ign reviewers are the people who only pre order with all the extra bonuses and bells and whistles

    • Jose Mendoza:

      Idk why people are bashing on the slot thing, the chance of you getting a good part is actually really high, its only when your car is above a certain level that it becomes difficult to find good parts and it also has a give and take system for example I could get a card for my drag car that boosts my acceleration but gauges me in brake response, id totally go for it cuz in the drag events you dont need the brakes, you just need to learn how to manage your car when you find parts and yes it is challenging but its a fun challange.

    • Raga Vendran:

      Daniel Crompton it not fully loot crated

    • Daniel Crompton:

      The lootbox style upgrade system really concerns me.

    • Raga Vendran:

      Patrick Highspeed no dude,I was talking about the visual customisation when we need to do some challenges

  10. Raga Vendran:


  11. LJG 2015:

    We need to do an ign review I give them a 1.9

  12. DERMN:

    man i don’t know i don’t trust ign anymore so people tell me should i buy this game or not ??

  13. Olsen de Jesús:

    People need to realize that this review is subjective. It is based on the opinion of ONE person. Just because the reviewer said the game is mediocre doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy it.

  14. histrionic 1:

    Wow, a bad score. Let’s see the comments.

  15. hundo bundo:

    how can anyone take ign serious

    • Omar Moemen:

      Addy Y
      Then why watch reviews at all if you’re just gonna buy *ALL* the games anyway ?
      Some of us can’t afford to that you know so we need to make sure our money isn’t going to waste .

    • Addy Y:

      hundo bundo people are dumb enough to take it… I saw another comment telling people not to buy it on other page because it got 6-7 ratings like wtf play the game for yourself

  16. _cobalt_._:

    This just shows me that you guys don’t like actually GOOD racing games, and prefer titles like MW 2012 and Rivals. This disgusts me. Highly.

  17. Raga Vendran:

    So,you don’t want to the challenges to get customisation parts?This just encourages you to drive more……Ign reviewers are the people who only pre order with all the extra bonuses and bells and whistles

  18. Liljayjay169 Hudson:

    What I don’t understand is the fact that everyone harped on ghost about it being to easy to get everything in 2015. Now that there’s a grind for your stuff, everybody flips their lid and act like it’s a problem. The multiplayer may not be up to par yet, but other than that they listened to the fans and gave them exactly what they wanted. It’s sad that people still bash the developers and the game despite all of that

    • Harsha Subasinghe:

      This is the only ign review I agree with in awhile.
      There’s nothing new here expect for lootboxes and that disgusting card system.
      I bet you like the lootboxes.

    • ChiTown HoodArt:

      youwhat 1 thank you, I was beginning to think nobody had sense in the comments.

    • Liljayjay169 Hudson:

      Manav Kumar no i just don’t see the reason for all the negative comments with nothing of actual constructive criticism that could help this game improve post launch

  19. Little Light:

    This is 1 *GARBAGE* *REVIEW*
    U r the same ign that gave rivals 8/10 ??

  20. James Thomas:

    To all the people complaining about how this review is biased, just check the game’s user score on metacritic and try to explain that.

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