Need for Speed Payback — PS4 Gameplay Demo | E3 2017

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Set in the underworld of Fortune Valley, Need for Speed Payback continues the franchise's tradition of fast cars, white-knuckle competition, and more fast cars. We see it for ourselves recorded live from Los Angeles at E3 2017.

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комментария 73

  1. Chazzy Chaz:

    the truck is faster than the car ~~~ XD mind blowing

  2. Kenny Reyes:

    can i pick the truck??? its really fast

  3. Joseph Lugo:

    They did great with the last Need for Speed reboot. All they had to do was improve on that and they would’ve been golden. Instead they messed it up and basically went with Need for Speed «The Run 2» ?

    • Zachary Miller:

      TAKATA KATANA i agree the run was a coast to coast racing game, payback will be in one area. the cutscenes aren’t even the same since in the run you pressed buttons on command and in payback that is not the case.

    • trippy devil Z:

      Joseph Lugo its not the run 2 nowhere near just because its in Vegas? the run was totally different from payback

    • Zachary Miller:

      The trailer gave me more of a undercover/most wanted vibe since you steal cars in undercover. and i agree they did do great with the last NFS game. however i don’t think they are messing it up, the trailer showed a scene that will only be in a small part of the game. the majority of the game will be racing like NFS 2015

    • Zachary Miller:

      XDKX101, i disagree, i got used to the handling. it wasn’t perfect but it certainly was not unplayable. i enjoyed the game. people have said the 1932 ford had better handling but i found the handling worse on that car since i could not adjust the downforce. i always used a balance drift setup with a lot of downforce and had no problem with it

  4. Raul Rodriguez:

    I wanted a street racing game not an action movie game.

  5. Beerus - God of Destruction:

    ah man I don’t want to play as 3 characters. I want to play as one nameless character instead.

    • Beerus - God of Destruction:

      N3XT GEN RACING how does 3 characters add content? I rather have a mute than characters that are not relatable. it just kills how immersive the game is. in addition it forces players to play as characters you may not like. now stfu and make better content


      Beerus — God of Destruction correction. Im boring and i want to be restricted to an unnamed mute that cant doesnt add anything to the content

  6. LockedInBeast:

    I had to stop watching the video once he said «we listen to our fans» then where tf is Underground3..

  7. shinedown1000:

    1:44 look at that truck going faster than a mustang wth

  8. gabrield08:

    I really wish they’d remake nfs underground

  9. Harvey Lakhmani:

    «We listen to our fans all the time» LMFAO

  10. J ice Playz random games:

    im early let me make a joke


  11. Phoenix Fruitloops:

    This looks like a perfect mix of Fast and Furious and Burnout!And that’s awesome!

  12. stylage:

    The truck driving that fast looks nice and cartoony

  13. DarkSoul135 ':

    ummmm… 3 Main character working together, getting into trouble, revenge.Have I seen that before?
    Oh wait GTA V

  14. ActionRCrash:


  15. na360 taylor:

    Lmao they basically took Burnout but put a Need for Speed aesthetic

    • na360 taylor:

      911MNM oh yeah I definitely dont have an issue with it I just was pointing it out, ya know. I was implying the mechanics of the game might need to be worked on because it was so similar to Burnout that you lose sight of a NFS game. It looks hella fun though

    • 911MNM:

      na360 taylor Yeah you’re right it had its style, even when Criterion took over. but don’t forget back then there was more developers working on NFS. BlackBox and EA Canada. so they were rotating. Ghost games took most of the ppl from criterion. yeah Criterion has made fun racing games. with Burnout specially, but i don’t see it as a bad thing for future NFS games to be similar with handling/gameplay. although with tuning feature they should be able to make it feel like whatevers the player wants. from other videos ive seen, people that have played it claims that the handling has improved alot more. but obviously we won’t know until we get our hands on it. and im sure criterion ppl in ghost games have work on NFS at least for 10 years. Hot Pursuit 2010, obviously was in development 2 years before for sure. i just hope the the online mode doesn’t make the slow motion takedowns lol i mean is cool and all but not for online specially if you were the one takenout haha

    • 911MNM:

      na360 taylor is been like that since NFS Hot Pursuit 2010… since Criterion (Burnout) took over NFS. So, you must be new.

  16. lord of the chimps:

    The asian guy sounds constipated af


    Anyone else see that Audi, don’t think they were meant to show that

  18. AstroManable:

    At least it’s in the day time, being in the dark 24/7 got annoying

  19. SagnolTheGangster:

    The moment when everyone asks for Underground 3 and they bring you the Run 2 -.-

  20. BGamer02:

    Did anyone else noticed that this was Xbox One gameplay not PS4. You know because at the begging it said A to boost not X

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