NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK POLICE & OFF-ROAD Gameplay — Every Bit of Gameplay So Far

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Need For Speed Payback POLICE & Off-Road Gameplay — Police Chase & Off-Road Race from NFS Payback
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комментариев 90

  1. San7a AGAL1eff:

    poor unreal sound of M5, shame nfs

  2. GameRiot:

    New Video — R34 Skyline

  3. JustJurry:

    ugh i could never in my life consider a BMW M5 a muscle car LOL

    • Markus Andrejeff:

      Sam Webber It’s probably considered as a euro spec muscle car due to its v8 engine that’s literally the only «muscle» the car has…

    • kennythemeat:

      the m5 is not a muscle car. starts by the price. a m5 is not cheap. and list is never ending…

    • GTX1080:

      It is considered a muscle car in Europe because it is big, bulky, has a big V8 with enormous horsepower and goes like hell.

    • Kev27RS:

      Well, to be honest, I don’t see non-american cars being called »muscle cars» …
      It’s just that that term »muscle car» is highly associated with american cars, especially classic ones!
      That’s how it is! 🙂

    • Yusuf elsayed:

      A 67 Shelby GT500 is what you call a muscle car. A 2016 shelby gt350R is what you call a sports car now because it handles like a sports car. The only modern muscle car today is the Dodge Challenger while the newer Ford Mustangs and Chevrolet camaros are sports cars now. 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE got a 7:16.04 on Nurburgring which is impressive.

  4. Hyunbin Seo:


  5. Nino too Smooth:

    U called a g wagon a landrover lol

  6. Ross Gunn:

    This game seems like a forza horizon style with the points and levels it looks amazing tho

  7. Fire Blazer777:

    Can you turn off the slow-mo take downs???

    • Daniel Kemnitz:

      idk about the other games, but Need for Speed Carbon had an awesome system where it would only use slo-mo when something really crazy happened — like insane air time, or if you smash multiple cars at once with great speed. But it would not activate slow motion for normal destruction and smaller airs, so it never became repetitive. In NFS Payback it seems like it activates at every single takeout, so yes that has got to be turned off :/

    • ali afan:

      crash cam save me a lot in burnout when I’m about to hit something

    • PoetiC SkillZ:

      Cristiano Ronaldo don’t know why, but your post made me laugh.

    • PoetiC SkillZ:

      For sure man, this one looks likes heading in the right direction, I’m definitely getting it day one.

  8. Supa Flask:

    as soon as I saw the X5 and other cars jump the canyon my heart sank….game ruined as per normal with nfs these days…sigh

  9. sunny d:

    Already pre ordered it, can’t wait

  10. Tyler Jones:

    What is game riot’s favourite car ?
    ty for posting gameplay btw like you do for most games before there out

  11. Is jerry:

    I don’t like the takedown, I hope you can remove it

  12. Jean Carlos:

    Remember Burnout…

    • theangryemonerd:

      Damn Mixes EA was part of burnout. Developers of criterion were from EA. Once criterion got shut down they went back to EA which is why we get the burnout feel in hot pursuit, 2012 most wanted

    • Damn Mixes:

      Of course we remember, most of the racing games these days are copying that same burnout formula of take down the car + slow mo crash then back to the action gameplay.

    • AdamPhy 21:

      Jean Karlos I love that series (I really think that you were trying to state something else)

  13. Henrik Skjolden:

    It looks really good, that’s true. But meh, no cockpit-cam, same generic list of hyped cars that is in every game these days and looks like the handling as well is a bit silly. Think I’ll pass. Horizon 3 at least have nailed all the things I mentioned, and has more interesting cars, and Motorsport 7 is out in a month. 🙂

    • pickle rick:

      FR3SHtillD3ATH1 yea when my brother play game he said gonna be better than NFS payback when it came out one week later he trade it in and said it sucked and there running out of ideas and i said look at you now lol

    • FR3SHtillD3ATH1:

      Henrik Skjolden Motorsport 7 is no better than 6 lmao. Talking about buying the same game

    • X-AwesomenessBoy-X:

      No cops? I think you’re speaking of Forza and No story? There will be a story mode with 3 characters and u switch characters in the campaign so you can just play as them as u go and the campaign will be more action like which means more fun.. And less customization??? WHAT XD They’re taking customization and basically just making better its midnight club level these are the things called Vanity Items or Customization : Neons. Air bags. You can change the color of Nitrous. Tire smoke is back u can change the color of your smoke. And on top of that besides vanity items you can mismatch your parts now without being restricted to one part. Less cars? This is dang there gonna reach 100+ cars is at 60+ now so far.. Eh I disagree ?

    • Batman is scared:

      Alright, have fun with your Forza

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners:

      No cops… No story… Less customization… race after race…. easily get cars with no challenge but good handling… same with MW 2012 but with less cars

  14. x_Soul-Reaper_x:

    Need For Speed Underground 2 & Most Wanted 2005 was the best. NFS died after MW2005! I’ll Stick with Forza Horizon 3.

  15. Chuy:

    Now this is the Need for Speed I was waiting for!

  16. iNFAMY_78:

    I like need for speed over Forza!?

  17. Daniel Neris:

    PES=? FIFA=?

    • MrBlend:

      This is the wrong vid for this chat but I will join. As an avid Fifa player, PES won me over in 2017. Unfortunately I will have to buy Fifa because of my friends. I am sure alot of ppl are in the same boat. Since PES 2016 I feel PES has been better when it comes to the gameplay on the field.

    • IVMonarchyVI:

      Daniel Neris no one cares about FIFA you nerd

    • - InFini8 -:

      MrBlend yep. exactly. since 2016 fifa is dying and pes is rising but still ppl keep buying crappy fifa

  18. ZXY87 DRAGON:

    The white car of the right is flying 3:28

  19. Daniel Roe:

    underground 2 is the best

  20. Frank gaming:

    That truck has a way better engine than the Koenigsegg, so why don’t they steal the truck? #mindblown

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