Need For Speed Payback — Our Dream Cars Challenge! (Cruising & More!)

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Friends in the video:

Xbox Gamertag: JackUltraMotive

Keep the comments positive! We're just kids trying to have fun!

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комментариев 47

  1. Trevor Phillips:

    My dreamcar is bmw e39 limousine

  2. Schwarz Rin:

    We need #nfsfreeroam

  3. Sean Holby:

    240SX IS MY DREAM CAR!!!!!! maroon with white wheels, BN sports body kit and type X wing ??

  4. Broadside 64:

    looking around to find something to watch… JACK VIDEO!

  5. Broadside 64:

    i like nasty»s

  6. ARSYA justrandompeople:

    and my dream car is an R34 skyline….

  7. PogsPlays:

    14:10 to 14:31 is straight out of fast and furious.
    Edit: Also 14:16 to 14:18. Best tandems ever.

  8. Big Sai45:

    My dream car is a 1958 Ford Fairlane 500 Sunliner

  9. Mattweedie:

    Ferrari 458

  10. TRAPzilla GAMING:

    The 240 and r32 is my 2/6 dream cars…… The r34 is nice but I don’t favorite it….. Would pick any car other than the r34 and 35….love them but won’t buy them

    • TRAPzilla GAMING:

      shitty drifter omg if they add the r33 I’ll cry…… I love the r33…. I would love to restore one and buy a complete nismo rb25 and just give her a brand new heart… favorite gtr’s are the ones older than the r34 which is the r33 r32 r31 etc

    • shitty drifter:

      TRAPzilla GAMING what about the r33

  11. WolfGaming:

    Lik this comment if u live in the same state as jack

  12. AaronBlake9:

    Mine is the 240

  13. Liam lewis jones:

    its Nissan


    My dream car is a 2018 Ford f350 with a 10 lift with American forces that is straight pipe no mufflers half gut the Cadillac converter that is a diesel that’s my dream truck ???

  15. Tiago Reece:

    Ferrari 458 spider

  16. Kamoh:

    My dream car is a rocket bunny rx7 FD

  17. Pinhead Larry:

    15:18 Viewer Discretion is Advised.

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