Need For Speed Payback Online Experience in a nutshell

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Bringing you some exciting multiplayer footage ! And I can assure you, it plays as well as it looks !

Inspired by the legendary forza in a nutshell videos
This video is a short taste of the upcoming funny moments series of this game. These clips were cherry picked, so don't get triggered — the game actually plays well.. most of the time 🙂

Songs used:
1. Sebastian Gampl — Without You (feat. Tommy Reeve)
2. Pitbull — I know you want me (Balkan Mix)

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комментариев 78

  1. Nicky:

    What car are you driving in this video? With specifics please because it looks great

    • ReallyTrash:

      Honda S2000, don’t know what you mean by specifics, it’s one of the 3 cars you can choose from at the beginning and I was only using it during the 10 hours trial


    the lamp xddddd

    • Antonio Kazakov:

      what is music ?

    • Tram Ramt:

      i don’t get it about the lamp post . Did lamp suppose to break and fall down ? cause in real life it wouldn’t. It would destroy the car and probably still stand. Or are lamps made of tin foil from where you are?

    • Travis Schpeltinger:

      Tram Ramt he’s fishing for attention because like I said in the previous nfs the street traffic lights didn’t break either. He just sucks at driving

    • Justin:

      Just like in Driver 2.

    • Travis Schpeltinger:

      that’s not a lamp that’s the corner of a street light. Don’t be a tryhard, you couldn’t break those in Nfs 2015 either.

  3. Jeremy Boateng:

    Seriously why do you only have 469 subscribers ?

    Im going to sub and share this with all my friends. You’re editing skills are too pure to go unseen

  4. Darius Fabian:

    Still it looks more peaceful than the Forza 7 lobbies

  5. Челодой Моловек:

    1:29 nextgen explosion

  6. Bookoo:

    Why I laughed so hard at the explosion xd

  7. Dank Midget:

    The transformers sfx killed me, make more of these kinds of vids, fucking hilarious

    • ReallyTrash:

      Thanks a lot ! Hard to keep up the consistency while at university, but I’m sure more is coming 😀

    • Dank Midget:

      ReallyTrash either way im gonna stick around, just the creativity in your editing itself is super entertaining and refreshing to see, i subbed, you’re gonna grow super quick if you keep up the quality.

  8. OfficialAfflection:

    Bad? Looks fakkkin’ Awesome hahahaha

  9. - InFini8 -:

    Here before this gets viral

  10. Kemal Üge:

    You don’t seem to be the most peaceful either

  11. Naked Snek of the jungle:

    more like every online racing experience in a nutshell

  12. Tomato-Boy25:

    It’s the sound effects that got me

  13. Synewsho:

    0:20 that is literally what every transformer does

  14. leinadyon:

    The new Burnout Paradise is looking great.

  15. LyCometz:

    Seems like GTA V did a better job at online racing than Need For Speed :’-)

    • Jan Solo:

      Tamás Márton you know that you can turn of all this, right?

    • Brendan Litwiller:

      Alinea Euros dude just by that comment ik you haven’t played gta enough to even justify it’s handling model, as it has plenty of cars that over/understeer

    • 7th_dimension:

      especially the noob friendly stuff like catchup, which makes a lack of skill be a gift rather than a burden, since the common bad player can catch up to the first driver to ram him 24/7 anyways. and the fact that driving over curbs over and over makes you faster is fantastic as well

    • Lee C:

      I thought the same thing lol this game looks so trash

  16. Billy:

    That transformers sound killed me ahahahahahah

  17. Krzysztof Dolecki:

    Dont forget that bullshit campaign
    Really it has ugly cutscenes, a lot of talking with No Real content And story is shitty And makes No sense at begining (And I bet later it isnt better)

    • trippy devil Z:

      Fabricio Frecia true i hate when people buy a game but never play the story mode and only play online

    • Sensei Skids:

      Fabricio Frecia do you have the game or no

    • Fabricio Frecia:

      Thế Hoàng Nguyễn it’s not really a surprise he didn’t. If he called the single player bs, it’s because he is mostly interested in multi-player, and since you can buy vanity shipments it increases your chance of being able to get better parts in game. He is probably mad the focus of the game is not multi-player so he can pay to win since the story doesn’t have uncharted levels of detail and heavy rain amount of complexity in story

    • Thế Hoàng Nguyễn:

      Krzysztof Dolecki it amazes me how you didn’t mention the upgrading system for your car.

  18. Flygoniaks:

    Still better than the players on Forza 7.

  19. ReallyTrash:

    Episode 2 is now LIVE due to TONS of requests ! More madness !

    Thanks so much for all the support !

  20. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン:

    New Burnout game looks good!

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