Need for Speed Payback: Official Story Trailer

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Set in the underworld of Fortune Valley, you and your crew are reunited by a search for vengeance against The House.

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Play a variety of challenges and events as Tyler, Mac, and Jess. Each driver must take on races, missions, and challenges to earn the respect of the Valley’s underground and compete in the ultimate race to finally take down The House.

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Need for Speed™ Payback will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Origin.

Release Date: November 10, 2017, across all three platforms.

Performed by Gizzle
Written by Fransisca Hall, Glenda Proby, Kyle Moorman
Publishing by EMI April Music Inc., Sony/ATV Ballad
Recording courtesy of Sony/ATV Music Publishing

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комментариев 97


    Ford gt 2017 yeeaaaahhhg

  2. lovelywaz:

    Tag Line: *One Last Ride*

  3. Kidd Crux:

    It’s gonna be one of these, where they wear the same damn outfits for the whole damn game

  4. Get Smart Tips:

    Honestly speaking, I think it’s gonna be the best racing game.

  5. Steven Sanjaya:

    Who need luck if you got skills?

  6. Samsung Grand:

    Yeah BOI its here!!!!!!!!!!!! The story mode for nfs payback

    Just take my money

  7. Preázinho Play:

    Cj? Ohhhhhhhj my daawg whassup?!

  8. AnnoyingVulture:

    I feel the need. The need for edgy dialogue.

  9. Box - Gamer:

    العنوان بالعربي ??

  10. TheSanismo:

    Fast and furious simulator 2017

  11. JonesBrothersProductions:


    Edit: Wait was that a Ford GT 2017 and a Lamborghini Murceilago?

  12. Synewsho:

    0:23 I’m supposing that the Rush is a big race with a lot of other racers. Also the reward might be lots of cash.

  13. John Joseph Vines:

    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed
    Thumbs up for The need For Speed: Hot pursuit
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: Underground
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: Most Wanted
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: Carbon
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: Shift
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: Nitro
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: World
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: The Run
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: No Limits
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed Rivals
    Thumbs up for The Need For Speed: Payback

  14. rude boy 21 Mohammad:

    whats the name of the song in the last

  15. Dank Raptor:

    This is probably going to get buried, but the game is hinting at a large-scale high stakes race (like from NFS The Run) called Outlaws rush (name in nsx build of the week description). They also reference it, saying «the best crew in town always gets a racer in the rush». Mac also seems to hint that the way to take down the House is to win the rush, but I’m not sure how this would happen. Anyways, this is just my take given the information thus far.

    Edit: typo

    • polo king:

      yea and then at the end of the game you have to escape fortune valley

    • Ryan Can't Pun:

      I found this while i was digging. i agree with u man

    • Geometry Dash Kenaz:

      Dank Raptor I was thinking along those lines. There are 10 crews in the game that we have to take down. So probably after taking them down and becoming number 1. We get to qualify for the final massive race called «the rush» in which we get a chance to go head to head with the woman(I can’t remember her name but apparently she’s the antagonist) and when we beat her, we get back the everything that she stole.

  16. Racing Video Games:

    Oh yes, the over-the-top NFS storyline returns! Looking forward to it 😉

  17. Roman:

    Эти ебальники… Как будто в GTA Online зашел.

    • Сергей Лопух:

      Ну и рисовка персонажей.. Сразу подумал что это ходячие от Telltale games, и сча покажут толпу зомби.. А потом показалось как из игры Rising..
      Вот, зачем так делать? Чем плохи были видеовставки в прошлых частях? Most wanted, Carbon, Undercover, The Run. Там сразу чувствовалось что игра серьезная, а тут больше смеяться с лиц хочется. Но не играть в это.

    • Roman:

      Danya, какая разница про что игра? Это же не модельки пешеходов на улице.

    • Danya:

      Это игра про ебаные гонки, чего ты хотел?

      Ну да, могли и бы дохуя раз лучше.

  18. Piwosz Jacek:

    Need for Fast & Furious: The Crew

  19. Nicolas Ortiz:

    what is the name of the music??

  20. Wsm.moker:

    0:25 GOLF 7 GTI!!!!??

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