Need For Speed Payback | Official Full Complete Car List + All Derelicts Cars w/ Prices [Gameplay]

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So this is for the people that didn't get EA Access and wanting to know the official full complete car list with prices, and the homies that were in my stream awhile ago. This is a full complete car list video with all derelicts cars. Hope y'all enjoyed the gameplay, drop a like you did!

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комментариев 90

  1. SpecAgentProduction:

    Here’s the official car list that’s confirmed from EA

    Idk why some car’s are missing from the dealership

  2. Bruce Moua:

    Nfs needs older subaru models!

  3. anthony Skyline:

    Rx7, supra ?

  4. Shayaan FAISAL:

    I hope there is online free roam, alot of updates (more cars, races, events etc). This game looks super fun, don’t know why everyone is complaining. This is what we need

  5. pedrochengpizza:

    Where is the rx7?

    • Arthur Wall:

      *Abdulrahman* , yup

    • Arthur Wall:

      Poli You got it sir . They burn a lot of oil and not by fault, they are well documented being unreliable, they have horrible gas mileage, they have horrible torque, flooding with fuel on cold starts, but the one advantage which is cool is they make decent horsepower with a very small displacement but nothing extraordinary that you couldn’t get out of a regular say 4 cylinder engine. Also they sound good at idle and undeniable unique sound when reving. But all in all an unreliable motor with no torque that’s sounds good at idle but makes decent power for such a small displacement

    • Aqui te pillo Aqui temazo:

      Volvos too

    • SAMBSA:

      SpecAgentProduction And volvo 242 and amazon 🙁 They must be there

  6. Expert063:

    Doesn’t have RX-8((((

  7. TECH TOP 10:

    this is only the race dealership for everyone wondering y cars like the defender and stuff is not here

    • Puff the Magic Dragon:

      Max200012 Nice

    • Max200012:

      there is a normal raptor

    • Puff the Magic Dragon:

      TECH TOP 10 K was wondering where the raptor was got really concerned because there’s like a special edition of the raptor you get with the deluxe edition or whatever and I was like , I hope they don’t pull this the raptors exclusive to that version bs. Obviously the special edition will be but I don’t care about that, just want a normal raptor.

  8. NoBoost RacingClub:

    We’re TF Is The Supra ?

  9. Maingbang:

    Idk why but I’m getting this Forzia Horzon vibe for this year NFS.

  10. victor vance:

    I cant see ferrari!

  11. Gmechnger:

    Thats Not the car list because some offroad cars are not there like the Ford Raptor or the Mercedes G-Class AMG

    • Bithor Gaming:

      Gmechnger Its because he only showed the race dealership, there are dealerships that sell cars in specific classes, although all cars have multiple classes, so you’ll see some off road cars in the off road dealership that you see here.

  12. LilGoon:

    Wish they had an 05’ STI and a 97’ Eclipse

  13. young trece13:

    No Bugatti’s!?!?!

    • Arthur Wall:

      Tyler Haley Yiu must be talking about the Veyron the New Chiron is lighter and faster and handles great now. The Regera is slower than Hennesseys new F5 now and the Regera will be slower again once the Bugatti Chiron SS comes out

    • Arthur Wall:

      So the noobs can all buy it and paint it bright green and try to race Civics no thx

    • Tilton Hopkins:

      Barhouma Kefi that would be cool( if supras were in the game) but you could just replace the Bugatti with a Regera or Vulcan

  14. Mathieu Blz:

    Yes !!!! A45amg 2015 VW glof gti club sport focus rs audi s5 Honda civic type r 2016 this cars are bae?❤️❤️❤️

  15. Volc323:

    Where’s the Volvo 242 DL?

    Edit: i realized some cars aren’t available in the demo

    Edit 2: It’,s still not in the dealership,do i have to smash all the billboards or something?

  16. Malcolm Price:

    Meh. 80% are the exact same from the last game tbh, nothing really exciting or new

    • Malcolm Price:

      Luigi Gabriel IMO, the graphics looks the exact same. Sure the sounds are good, but again, my opinion

    • Luigi Gabriel:

      Malcolm Price Listen the graphics are better a little bit the cars sound good you can change the handling of the cars

    • syson551:

      Malcolm Price I know it’s your opinion and I respect that to be and on the other hand I can see what you’re saying. The Customization also looks pretty much the same from the last need for speed game plus a lot of the cars are from the previous game to be fair

    • Malcolm Price:

      Spiderpig 61900 again, IMO, it’s not. The NFS prime was like Underground and those kind of games. I don’t enjoy the new ones like I used too. But that’s my opinion


    We need Toyota cars!!!!! ???????????????

  18. Ricardo Wu:

    where’s G-Wagon?

  19. TechSin StrangeVolume:

    wtf no hellcat ?

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