Need for Speed Payback — Off Road Race Gameplay

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Check out this adrenaline fueled gameplay from Need for Speed Payback.

Need for Speed Payback Gameplay: Racing to the Finish in the New BMW M5

Need for Speed Payback Gameplay: Stealing a Supercar Mission

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комментария 82

  1. Tamyis Moore:

    That voicing is terrible ???

  2. B1SK0:

    I hope they will add music instead of that guy saying cringeworthy one liners.

  3. Jacob Smith:

    1. To be able to turn off the voice acting.
    2. To limit or turn off the slomo camera when taking out cars.
    3. Steady framerate, 60 is desirable, 30 is fine as long as it is consistent.

  4. Brother Dave:

    Please… Just take out the voice acting omg… my farts would be better to listen to over that

  5. Damian Holehouse:

    Not sure about them cheesy lines he keeps coming out with

  6. Deep Mondal:

    Now that was an awfull voice acting.

  7. Adam Thompson:

    Still no word on cockpit view or handling model being better than NFS 2015. Yes I love cars but I’m still so sceptical about this title. Also project cars 2 soon YAY.

  8. Gerrel Saunders:

    Props to the person playing. Great job.

  9. Mihai P.G.:

    So sick game i can’t wait to play it on my youtube channel when it releases

    • AlexBadHairDay:

      same except i was stupid with choosing equipment. i just went to a top 10 best low budget microphone video and chose a random one. that was a stupid choice. im gonna try to get blue yeti a lot of popular youtubers use it

  10. Vardhan Shrivastava:

    Driving Mechanics/physics still resemble a whole lot to Rivals, is that a good thing or baad??

    • Cthulu Griffin:

      The gameplay reminds me of NFS Most Wanted 2012.

    • Aaron Smith:

      Vardhan Shrivastava but that’s one of the reasons they weren’t recieved well by fans. They felt like burnout with nfs tacked onto the box. I want a nfs game not a burnout game, ok i do want another burnout but not one with nfs on the front.

    • Vardhan Shrivastava:

      the vehicles in rivals felt too «blocky» to drive, I haven’t felt the fluidity since Criterions Hot pursuit and most wanted. Those were some smoooooth games!

    • wiseguy240 Winston:

      Cthulu Griffin MW2012 was simple and free. It’s not the best but I got good vibes from that game it’s nostalgic to me now.

  11. FanofPRYD Z:

    Hopefully I can shut his mouth in the settings

  12. OmgItsAnosh:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I loved NFS 2015 and will probably like this one too.

  13. Killer x Diamonds:

    Reminds me of need for speed the run

  14. akira2512:

    Rubberbanding at its finest. NO THANKS.

  15. Kizzume Fowler:

    The graphics look fantastic, but the gameplay looks unrealistic and the voice acting is DREADFUL!

    • Yiannis G.:

      Haumi Lamare That’s why they called them Arcade.If i want realism i turn off the engine of my caf and have some rounds.We don’t want a boring GT Sport.We wanna have some Arcade Fun,and that’s the reason i will buy N4S payback.Can’t wait to rock it on my PS4 Pro.

    • Kizzume Fowler:

      It doesn’t have to be NFS, but any game that does this more realistically would be nice.

    • ali afan:

      maybe all of you want nfs game to be very realistic, when you jump off the ramp your car will be damaged like real life, and no respawn, since it realistic​ game the only option is to throw your car to junkyard, or repair it like real life, the parts is same price as real life, or when yo race and bumping each other, you repair the scratch or damaged part like real one, or run out of gas while racing

  16. Tamyis Moore:

    This game looks like forza

  17. Andreas Randvere:

    FFS why do you all complain about physics if need for speed is and arcade game and not meant to be realistic jeeeeez.

  18. KenniCrazy:

    I really hope theres an option to turn off the cringey voice acting.

  19. Dheeraj Babu:

    Who else is hyped for payback?

  20. TruTier:

    Hot Pursuit (2010) or Burnout 3:Takedown remake come on EA give us one those masterpieces

    • MarkOne:

      wAIT, someone asking for Hot Pursuit instead of UG2? MASSIVE RESPECT TO YOU, SIR.

    • BlueKyden:

      Couldn’t you get Rivals for your Hot Pursuit thirst? Ghost Games stopped with that since fans complained & wanted the Underground style back so the 2015 game was their attempt at that and now I guess with Payback, they’re unintentionally going for a Fast and Furious vibe lol, and Criterion are assisting with Star Wars games atm.

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